My Convoy L6, lighted switch, TA FET driver plus mods

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Funtastic wrote:
Why does Simon rate his L6 so high at 3800 lumens? Is he just basing that on what the emitter can achieve?

My stock neutral white L6 is only pushing 2800 lumens with Keeppower’s.

Advanced Knife Guy on youtube rated his at 3278. Didn’t think my calibrated TA lumen tube would result in so much difference. Glad I’ve got something near accurate though

Maybe Simon paid someone to measure it and that’s what he was told. Or maybe he measured it on a device that read a bit high. It’s hard to say.

I think the stock CW version is around 3100 to 3200 lumen. NW versions might measure a bit less. They may not actually be less, but they will probably measure less.

I’m surprised AKG, mhanlen on this forum, got close to accurate numbers. The last I checked he was using a home built lumen tube type device without a calibrated light source.

Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights

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