Romisen multi emitter lights

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Romisen multi emitter lights

how come we never hear of the romisen multi led torches?


3 here rc-s5

4 here rc-t5

6 here  rc-t6


and I though i saw a 5 led one too before but cant find it.  anyone try one before?


oh, and the 6 led one has neat modes i think, 2/4/6 instead of l/m/h... interested in how that works

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I have the RC-T5 and T6. They put out a lot of light - the T6 was the first LED light I got that was brighter than an ROP High.


here, here and here


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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Hmm. Looks like interesting lights.  Unfortunately they use XR-Es, but with tiny little bitty reflectors.  As that last beamshot shows, its throw is actually terrible...surprisingly.


This is the first Ive ever seen of them. has lots of romisens that they have modified and boosted.  But these are either really new or off the beaten path.

They would have been great a year or two ago before the XM-L came along.