Gearbest's Father's Day Giveaway - 4 lights! WINNERS LIST IN POST 95

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Gearbest's Father's Day Giveaway - 4 lights! WINNERS LIST IN POST 95

EDIT: June 25: check out post no. 95 for winners’ video list

Hello guys,

In behalf of Gearbest (courtesy of Jona), l will be facilitating this year’s Father’s Day celebration in a form of our usual giveaway.

Just post a short essay on this topic: What does Father’s Day mean to you and what, if there is, is its significance to your life, or to someone’s life which gave you a lesson for the rest of your life.

Post only once, and that will be your entry.

Though for ethical reasons l am out of this, allow me to start the ball rolling:

My late father always told me, “ l don’t care if you become an embalmer (no offense intended to those who are), but if you become the number one in town, then by all means”
…..and also you as a father to your family

At stake are 2 pcs. Utorch UTO2 throwers and 2 pcs. Zanflare F1, very nice lights, btw.

Winners will be picked via Random on June 25th, 2017

Good luck and hoping to see some meaningful posts that could benefit everyone.

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My father inspired me to become a firefighter, just like him


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My father was a very nice guy that treated people with respect, and I try to be a friendly and well-mannered son to honor his memory.

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I love my father (80 years old…)
He is a lifetime inspiration.

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Congrats to the winners!!

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I work for the same company as my dad, first started as a grunt but he told me to get training for a job that was a long shot even higher rank then him and I actually got it last year and made him really proud by going from the bottom to the top by devoting a lot of time studying for the test ..for a dream of a job…. I just gave him a s2+ and he is always impressed by my lights… I got him a A1s light that I’ll give him Sunday when we BBQ… I know he will love it!! He is always a good friend just to relax and do cool things together I’m glad he is healthy and happy

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My dad always told me to work hard and play hard. I have since amended that statement to include my flashlight hobby.

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It is nice to read about poster’s positive relationship with their fathers.

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My dad is the inspiration for how I want to be towards my son. He showed me the value of hard work, taught me to treasure my family and relationships and showed me a great example of how to be a father. Father’s day is a great opportunity to show my appreciation for his influence in my life.

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My Dad taught me to work hard until the work is done. He can still out-work me, and he’s retired. I’m very thankful for my Dad.

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Didn’t have much growing up but dad work hard for us. I’m always grateful what the did for me. Fathers day is just another day I try to show him how much I appreciate Jim and what he means to me

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To me father’s day is significant as a day in which I help my father (and equally I myself) partake in feasting on bacon and other delicious breakfast goods – a celebration of all things Excellent in the world

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I don’t talk to my dad now. We do follow the same football team we use to go and watch games when I was a kid.

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I like to reflect on the encouragement and support my father has provided our family over the years and spend quality time with him. I also enjoy the day with my daughter.


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My father ( 77 years old) is very sporty, I should do identical… !!!

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I love my father.

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My father does not live anymore but he was a friendly cornerstone of the family.
I’m a father too, and father’s day for me is coffee in bed (very inconvenient) and some colourful rag that my 6yrold has lovingly made for me Innocent
But I get to choose the evening meal and do not have to cook for a change Smile

Thanks for the giveaway, Gearbest!

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I owe my keen wit and common sense to my dear ole Dad. Lots of fun growing up under the command of my USMC father, friend and gentle warrior. I would spend most summers at El Toro Marine Air Station hanging around the flight line, gym and horse stables. What a great childhood my Dad provided.

Semper Fi and RIP Mstr. Sgt.

Happy Fathers Day to all.

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I grew up on a farm with my adopted aunt and uncle and didn’t know my father. We crossed paths later in life, but I didn’t realize he was my father at that time. He was a bit of a jerk. He did eventually tell me who he was and the two of us reconciled with the help of my twin sister.

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I love my father, he bought me my first flashlight.

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My father showed me how to balance work time and family. Family is very important.

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Father’s day itself does not have much significance to me, as my father did not attach significance to it, but as a father he was the symbol of integrity and honesty for us, he put others first and took responsibility seriously. There was a strength in his character that he probably did not recognise in himself, but which was an encouragement and a confidence booster by example. That is what I would like to remember about him on Father’s day, and writing this has really brought that home.

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My father is nice and caring person. He always tries to teach me about work and life.
He is a construction worker and he teaches me about that, an I am teaching him about computers and electronics.
I also made him a flashlight lover and he loves to look when I mod them and encourages me at my hobby.

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Great reading all these nice stories, thanks.
Trying to be a good dad for our 13 year old boy, he is not making stuff for father’s day anymore Wink

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I have a grown daughter who is off having a positive impact on the world which is your purpose as a parent.

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My father was a man, much like every other man. He never found the answer, I’m not sure he was even seeking it.

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My dad taught me how to stand up and pee in the woods/parking lot/corner potted plant.

That has made a huge world of difference in my life. Although I may have figured it out eventually.

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My father, who passed on three years ago as of tomorrow, taught me that you don’t have to be the smartest, most educated, or richest to be successful. Helping others and loving those around you is all you need.

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It’s over 14 years since I held my dad’s hand as he died. I can still picture the whole scene. Very sad, but I hope my kids can be around me when I die because I know that he knew I loved him.

Then repeat with mam, five years later.

Both sadly missed but the memories are just as fond.

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My Dad always said do everything in life in moderation.

As I got older, I realized that this was very good advice.

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On relationships, my father always said that once you meet the right person things would just fall into place without being too difficult, I was dubious until I met my incipient wife, never doubt the wisdom of your dear old dad!