Luminus SST-40, a N4 BA bin tested

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everydaysurvivalgear wrote:
DavidEF wrote:
edsg – How did you kill them in petrol trying to de-dome them?

The Silicone stays on and takes the bonding wires with it. No matter how long you leave it.

I have 3 more that i sliced the performance difference isn’t to much between the two.

I’ve heard of that happening with some emitters. I wonder if slicing most of the silicone off first, then soaking, might work. Have you tried that?

Do you mean the performance between sliced and full dome isn’t much difference or the performance of sliced versus fully de-domed?

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That’d concern me, because with bare phosphor (and nekkid bond wires), any — I believe it’s called “schmutz” — could stick to it and burn when powered up.

At least if sliced, it could be wiped off.

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