Suggestion for Led driver: monster spotlight!

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Thermal mass is good for flashlights since it gives us a longer runtime before it gets too hot to hold but besides that it doesn’t do anything. Surface area is what matters for dissipating the heat to the air.

A lot of guys get hung up on copper vs aluminum. I personally don’t really care in most cases.

The one thing that I do want to see in copper is the DTP mcpcb. This is well worth the minor cost increase for the benefits. The flashlight itself I don’t really care what it is made out of.

I like copper spacers in EDC triple builds simply due to the higher thermal mass adding a few extra seconds before thermal step down kicks in. In larger lights I prefer aluminum as it is lighter and usually leads to a more balanced light.

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kiriba-ru wrote:
Dimking wrote:
2P35S for direct drive.
vice versa, 2S35P

That’s what I wanted to say Smile

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Come on, i want to see the photos

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