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Thanks for the details. I was wondering about the cap around the bolt’s head.

I like the idea of a clip rather than a holster while hiking.

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[quote=junkyardbiker]Its just a strip of SS, allen head bolt with a aluminum “cup” I machined to go around it and help material slide through. Its sturdy but not low profile or anything. Didnt harden the SS so I can bend it to make it tighter or easier to slide. The Q8 is a heavy pig to hang on my belt but its better than it swinging around on a lanyard in the shop. Hangs on my backpack pretty nicely while hiking or on the motorcycle. Only took me about 30 minutes with basic tools to bang out.

What stops it from rotating?

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Nice clip!

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Love the clip jyb. Made me smile. It’s also a good anti roll feature. Nice work.


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The end of the clip where it screws to the light is firmly butted against the raised fin in front of the flat spot, so it has something to kinda brace against.

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Ok, so I ordered replacement copper/brass round top screws, as well as some wire, and copper caps to use for spring bypass, I was curious… so any of you think it would be an issue to use a little of this: Loctite 466863 C5A Paste Anti-Seize Lubricant on the copper screws. It is a copper based anti-seize that should help with power transfer through the threads (at least it wont hurt) and should prevent stripping the screws if they ever need to be removed.

What do you guys think?

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Is this the same stuff? It would help if you included a link:



I have to buy some of this after reading this Amazon review of it smile:

 4.0 out of 5 stars   Lubricant, I like the way that sounds.

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I used like a boogers worth, and it is slicker than snot so that should be enough. Just not sure what I'm going to put the rest on? Think I'll leave it in the Will for the grandkids.


It all sound real good, though I have no experience with it. It doesn't say it's conductive - that would be important to me, depending on what screws it goes on. Thermally, it's probably excellent.




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Per Loctite is has “good electrical and thermal conductivity”.

Typical Applications: Spark plug threads installed in aluminum, exhaust manifold bolts, engine bolts, oxygen sensors, knock sensors, thermostat housing bolts, fuel filter fittings, and battery cable connections.

I am not sure what “good” is – but I would imagine that it most likely wouldn’t cause any issues.

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Today i received my first ever Q8. The screws are very nice at first glance. The thing i did to the light after i got assured that it works, was that i sanded the tube a little to align the tube and the head correctly. The misalignment felt very bad when holding the light. So far i played with the light for an hour and already love the Narsil fw Smile More to come probably…

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Right, got a Q8 from the Reddit buy/sell thread, and the head appears to be loctite’d on. Annoying. Tried to 3D print that tool yesterday but it went horrible awry, so I soaked the head in water after it boiled in the jug, still no movement. Next step is to get a smaller strap wrench that fits, even though there’s all of 3mm bezel to grab onto.


Positive note, got Anduril on it now.