Review of the 2017 Nitecore TIP

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Review of the 2017 Nitecore TIP

   Let me get my disclosure posted here.

  The light was provided to me by for my honest and unbiased review. I will in no way speak of or infer that a product is better than it is. What you read will be the truth and my honest opinion.

 If you are interested in purchasing this light you can find it here BangGood has given me a coupon code good for 20 percent off. At checkout enter code 17NTC


   If you got one of these this past Christmas and you like it.... You are going to love the 2017 model. A built in 500 mAh Li-on cell and my lumen readings at 365 lumen I do believe we have a winner. 


  I opted out on it this past Christmas so I am loving this little thing. It weighs less than my key ring. I honestly can not tell it is in my pocket and dropped and lost it twice in two days.  the Turbo is just enough to light up a decent area and the lower levels are great for finding keys or watching your step after the sun does down.


  I am told this year that there is no worry or concern of parasitic drain. I have not had it long enough to really test and see but it seems to be holding up very well to all the punishment I put it through. at 360 lumen, 150 lumen, 35 lumen and a moon mode of just 1 lumen the light levels are spaced excellent. 


  This year it even comes with a little clip. It really looks like a belt clip but I am not too sure I would try putting it there. It comes in a total of 7 colors so  at least one of them should please most people.

See how light it is...


I am heading out to get some video of some beam shots before the sun begins to rise too much. I should have a coupe of pictures posted here as well when I post in about an hour.

I do not have a discount or coupon code for this light yet but of Chen emails one to me I will get it posted ASAP.         If I can help in any way please feel free to just ask, send me a message or an email. Between the store and my regular job it may take a day or two but I will get back to you.


Hope you enjoy the videos... Those will get  much better when we find a camera we like that does not cost 



You guys really gotta try this light.

1st Video


Video of night beam footage.

Terry White

Terry White


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