Beginner Budget Lights

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Beginner Budget Lights

Hello everyone,

I’m posting for the first time after finding this forum when searching for budget flashlights.

I’m not exactly new to flashlights, but am new to these forums. I currently have a Streamlight Microstrem (AAA), Terralux Lightstar 100 (AA), and Terralux Lightstar 200 (2 AA). They have served me well over the years, but I am looking to get new flashlights that offer more “bang for the buck” and are equal, if not better, quality.

I’m looking for suggestions for flashlights in the following categories: AAA, AA, 18650

Some will be used for EDC while others will be kept in the car, in a drawer in the house, or loaned out to friends when camping (only a few times per year).

Looking through the forums the past few days, I have found common makes and models:

AAA = Tank007 E09, Lumintop Tool

AA = Utorch UT01, Klarus Mi7

18650 = Convoy S2, Convoy C8

Am I on the right track? I am looking to try out some budget lights and not exceed $75 USD

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Hey mate welcome.

AAA check out the hugsby XP1 and XP2 they are cheap and well made. Single mode and cheap (I’ve said it twice lol) makes them easier to loan out Smile
Also jetbeam JET-u. The lumintop tool is great.

Heaps of options for AA you can get great performing multi AA lights like the thorfire TK4A. Check out some of the double AA lights they are a tad brighter.

Convoy lights are always a solid choice if you want a bit more power check out the BLF A6 similar to a s2+ it just uses a different driver and led.

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Not only did you find some good budget lights, you found a forum dedicated to them.
Welcome to BLF!

No offense, but “beginner” may suggest to learn everything you can about Lithium Ion batteries before getting invested. Some may suggest not to keep the LiIon light in the car.

The light I use 95% of the time is the one in my pocket. An AAA using an Eneloop NiMh.

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Welcome to BLF
First, read Li Ion Safety 101 (link in my sig)
if you really want li ion 18650 lights a nice throwy and a more small tube floody light are a good starting point
Convoy C8 / Eagle Eye X6 (or X6R with build in charging) for throwy
Convoy S2+ / Eagle Eye X5 (or X5R with build in charging) for floody

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Hi Dinasty90! Welcome!
Please note that the Utorch UT01 and the Klarus Mi7 run in AA (alkaline or Ni-MH) batteries, but their major light output come with the 14500 Li-ion batteries!

For a budget 18650, yes, the Convoys are excelent lights! Robust and very trustable, and with good outputs!
Also, the Eagle Eye mentioned above, the Sofirn, both having a nice balance price-quality.

You’re on the right budget track Wink

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halolily17 wrote:
Well,if you want to find a flashlight with a type of AAA o 18650, l will suggest you this products ““USB Charging High-performance Flashlight B60 “: brand i found it recently from internet.i think es suitable for you .

Dear Halospammy17

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I did marked it as SPAM before he or she changed the link (and eventually the user who posted it…) !!!
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AA size Utorch UT01 in NW and Jetbeam Jet-1 MK are great AA lights, both can be modded with a high CRI NW emitter and are fantastic then
the CW versions of them have an ugly greenish tint
the jetbeam is easy to use
the Utorch has a great configurable UI even with customisation of each modes brightness

for 18650 Convoy S2+ and C8 with the new version including AR lens, Biscotti driver and DTP star with XPL HI are great budget lights

I would always prefer neutral white flashlights

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I am NW or even WW tint. If you choose Cree WW tint better XPH HI. Somehow titn shift is less than bome models.