1000th post giveaway . A flashlight from China of course.

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In. Do not have a Lumintop. AA is so Every Day Ready (EDR) Big Smile

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I’m in.

Looks pretty sweet for a AA light!

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Im in. I have always wanted to check out a Lumintop. Also my old ultrafire AA flashlights stopped working so it would be refreshing to have another AA light for the simplicity of just grabbing some fresh batteries when I need them. I would use it for keeping in my car because I just dont like the idea of an 18650 in that hot car in the summer. Thanks.

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I’m in. I’d use this as a backup EDC and maybe even a primary EDC if it suits my needs. Thanks!

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I like smaller AA lights, easy to take along in pocket or pack. It seems like every day now it gets dark outside!

I would use it while fishing or hiking.

The lighter the brighter the better.

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This would make for a great car light with some NiMH.

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I like smaller AA lights, easy to take along in pocket or backpack.
I would use it while camping or hiking.

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I just got one of these about a week ago and it quickly became my all-time favorite for this format. It’s the brightest 2AA light I’ve ever had in hand, the mode spacing is sensible, and the blinkies are accessed via a slight head twist. There’s a choice of two beacon modes and if you pick one you never have to go through the tactical strobe. The throw is predictably broad given the small reflector but reaches a reasonable distance for it’s size.

I think you can’t have too many of these around the house, especially if you have kids or friends & family you might have reservations giving or loaning a Li-ion light to. I ordered a second one!

Interestingly, it has off-time memory (~5sec.).

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This running 2 AA would and awesome EDC or BOB.

Thanks for offering it up!

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I’m in. AA flashlights are easy to loan to others without worrying that they will burn themselves.

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Congrats on the 1k! Count me in, I like Lumintop as a brand and I’m starting to like carrying AA lights now. Much less worry about spontaneous explosions!

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Love my AA lights. The readily available cells will be popular when SHTF

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I almost never gift liion lights anymore & this guy looks perfect for the nonflasholic. As I am always buying AAA or AA lights for gift giving I would like to see if this one has what it takes to be my new go to gift light. If won I already know whose Xmas gift this will be.

& where are my manners -> congrats on post #1000 (or is that mysteriously disappearing post #1000?) Big Smile

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I’m in.

I have 2 AAx2 LED flashlights for our cars but the ED25 is much brighter, feels better in my hand etc.
I’m tempted to use it at work for a week just to see how it holds up.


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Congrats Beer Im in………. I dont have a decent AA and I love having options.

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That would be an awesome little light. Count me in please. And thanks for your contributions!

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I am in. Congrats & thank you. Smile

Since it has a bunny on it, I would use it to try & run off the bunnies that seem to like munching on the garden at night. Thumbs Up

Your definition of “run off” may differ slightly from mine. Mine has a component of permanence if I see them. Wink

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Already own several Lumintop tool AAA and the ED25 wonderful lights. Carry ED25 everyday at work.

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I like AA flashlights for nonflashaholics.

I would give this to a friend of the family that I do not trust with lithium-ion flashlights.

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I’m in. Lake cottage universal light for family to use. That way they keep their paws off my Meteor

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I’m in.
Good for EDC or a backup for the car…

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do not have a Lumintop, but would like one:)

1000 congrats on 1000 posts!

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I’m in,

I would most likely use this light as a truck light. Use it early in the morning or night to help hook up and disconnect trailers