Haikelite MT01 mods

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Haikelite MT01 mods

First, sorry but my english isn’t very good.
I have first batch Haikelite MT01. Because of ugly tint shift I changed led for shaved XHP50. Now the tint is uniform. I measured around 18% lumens loss and 13% lux increase compared to stock XP50.2.
Have someone tried to increase led current by resistor mod? Any results? I would like to get at least 3000lm (better 3500lm). I do not want to kill my driver so I hope someone more experienced tried it with good results.

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I’ll give this a bump.

I picked up one of these on a whim, as it was on sale.

Being a flash-a-holic I am already wanting to mod it.
Amped up by way of a resistor mod maybe……….. but modding a boost driver is not my thing as yet.
Also considering a 70.2 swap……I do have on in my parts box Wink

Anybody with the experience/expertise had a look at this driver yet?

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I wouldn’t be so sure to boost the driver current…
It would produce much more heat, and the brightness wouldn’t be sustainable, unlike now.
But I haven’t succeeded in opening the light yet, so who knows.

What you could both do is swap the XHP50.2 for a Nichia 144AM.
I’m currently waiting for the MCPCB and the LED to come, but I’m going to post some pictures when I’ll get and do the mod.