DIY Offroad LED Light Bar

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kaeion wrote:
recently i am looking for the replacement for the off-road light bar. i need about 40" long LED. after doing the preliminary research, there a few supplier can customize the contour of my jeep. installation and power supply of light bar for trucks are the main issue i need to solve, as i need to figure out a way to connect the light with car battery.
I face the same problem that you have.
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Awesome, I enjoyed the read. Very nice work.

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I have no idea what a 12 volt conversion kit might cost (they can’t be that bad with all that is out there) or how well these lights are ‘suspended’ for shock (if they are)…yet why can’t the average off-roader who isn’t tackling the Baja1000 fab up something simple/relatively inexpensive? If I had my Morris or Westgate yard light (150 watts) properly mounted to our side-by-side I would be more than satisfied with the output. They aren’t much larger than the pics above and have decent/adjustable lenses (Westgate).
If it broke?
$200 is just about nothing when it comes to just about everything off-road.

Not taking anything away here from the OP’s awesome project or trying to throw this off-topic but wondering if a merging of the two concepts (just as lights are ‘modded’ elsewhere) would be worthwhile.

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Amazing build, thank you for sharing!