Review Olight I3S Cu

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Review Olight I3S Cu

After my I3E EOS Copper Review ( now the Olight I3S CU Smile

I love those little AAA flashlights and after Lumintop/Maratac and Astrolux I have now discovered Olight for me.
The I3S CU is a small AAA torch made of solid raw brass, there is a I3S CU PVD gold too that is coated with a TIN PVD coating. The raw one will patina very fast but the PVD version will never get a Patina, nice for collectors Thumbs Up

I own the raw one and here are the technical data:

LED: XP-L Cool white
REFLECTOR: Orange peel
BATTERY: 1xAAA 0.9-2.0 V (NiMH, Alkaline, primary lithium).
DATE: February 2016
FROM: (link is external) or you can buy directly at:

The flashlight comes i a nice black box with a battery, a silver clip and a split ring.

The I3S CU a Twisty light, just tighten and loosen the head for changing modes, it has no memory modes so it always turn on in the highest mode. The sequence is High – Mid – Low, the high is 180 (!) Lumen for 3 minutes and then drops too 90 Lumen for more than 42min. The mid is 20 Lumen for 10 hours and the low is 2 Lumen for 96 hours
The square threads feels very smooth and its very comfortable to change the modes. The Orange Peel reflector offers a perfect beam and more flood than the I3E.

It is machined very cleanly and the surface is completely smooth and not precoated, so it will oxidize really fast and the torch will very quickly get a nice brass patina.

I really like this light but only for carrying in my pocket, not on a keychain. And the modes sequence is not what most of the people like, I too prefer Low – Mid- High but it is ok for me, this little torch has 180 Lumen! Smile
The price performance ratio is almost unbeatable, other torches of this size made of solid brass are usually substantially more expensive.
Here some more pics, I hope you enjoyed my small review!

Sorry for my bad english:-) 

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