Review Jetbeam T4 Cree XHP50 from GB.....A new flashlight or not

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Review Jetbeam T4 Cree XHP50 from GB.....A new flashlight or not

I just order 1 Jetbeam T4 from GB during the flash sale it cost 59.99 USD.

When the flashlight arrived the paper package was fine. So i checked the flashlight found a lot of mark on the body.

1. At the bottom cap got a seriously mark seem that was fallen down to the hard floor. And it seem repaint at the tail cap.

2. A little crash at the front it had been hit to something hard and got a mark that you can see the body material.

3. The battery head top seem had been used for many time. The head was pretty collapse.

I asked GB for the full refund but they give me THE BEST SOLUTION only 5 USD refund.

I think it’s not make sense but what can i do for this case. I am a fan of GB but this order transaction was very disappoint.

The flashlight might be a demo for a shop and then put in the clearance sale without information to the buyer.

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Use paypal claim as second option, write to Gearbest user here in BLF as first one.

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Be persistent with gb cs. Let them know that 5$ is not acceptable as the flashlight is clearly defective. They may then ask for a video or some other step to discourage the buyer but follow the steps and be clear that you want a replacement or refund. I have been told the 5$ thing many times but in the end I have never been denied. Give it a try. That repaint job in particular is disconcerting!

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Be patient, be polite, be persistent, and give it time. Good luck and welcome to BLF! Party

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It looks like the flashlight was dropped with the battery in it and it probably wasn’t in the box at the time. Did they paint the dent on the tail cap?

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Yes, they repaint at the tail cap.

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Looks like it was repainted with a sharpie marker. Facepalm

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Really? GB again with $5 refund? Facepalm

Banggood have prices a bit more higher but in those cases worth till the last cent

So, DO NOT accept this and try again and again!

I will send a mensage in some comercial thread for help you, we must help to solve this

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I would be happy with a $20 refund, $15 at the least.

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Hi, Dear Gearbest Customer and New BLF Friend, Kittituchp Wink

First of all, I am sorry for my late reply. And then, I am sorry for your suffer from Gearbest. Finally, let me say something about my confusion, and thank you:

1. I noticed the cut is in different depth of colours in your pictures,

2. You can check from the page about 1 × 26650 included battery details:

or directly go to the picture here:

My question is: I am sorry, can we have a full look of the battery you received.

PS. We shall never put used items to Gearbest warehouses, we know it is stricktly banned for Gearbest and some other companies as well.

We can use our products only when we take inner form list to apply for test samples. If passed our requirement, we can keep it always as our own items. That is, we have no need to return it back to our warehouses.

By the way, to all customers who buy cells from far away places:

if you receive the battery and find it is not in full power, do not worry, you know, batteries in full power might be in unsafe condition if they go through long shipping time or some other unexpected weather factors, and etc.

Our CS Gearbest representative will be here too in order to know further info about your order number, ticket number, hope effective and efficient actions will be taken as soon as we can.

Or you can send PM to gearbest with the info: order number and ticket number —->

Thank you all for your kind consideration and let me know the issue on my Deal thread Smile

Actually, I am checking official threads of Gearbest Daily, lol

For Example,


Daily Deal:

Category Coupon:

Site Rating:

New Arrival & Restocked:

Thank you, I guess, next time it will be easier for you to find me instantly, am I right? lol

Have a nice day, all Wink


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Thank you everybody, in the last update with GB customer care they give an apologies and offer full refund + fee of return shipping.
That was a really good new. This is my first experience with the case, I still keep shopping with GB. Thank you

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Glad to hear everything worked out for you.

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Looks like they did push some seconds in that sale. I got one too from the same time & it came without lanyard holes!

Since not a dealbreaker given the unit is brand new & unused, dremeled a hole & took the 5USD refund. Not bad.

And oh, it’s plenty powerful. Nice flood, very usable throw, that sweet tint & great turbo runtime without burning through the skin. Totally worth it even outside the offer.

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Even if a Big discount or factory sale, they should not give the product like this to the value customer. I just doubt that the QC was very poor or they just want to clear out the stock.