Lumintop Ant Review - Stainless Steel Version

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Lumintop Ant Review - Stainless Steel Version

Light was provided by for review
Find one here – (Affiliate link)

Manufacturers Specs:
● Utilizes a latest CREE XP – G2 R5 LED with 50,000-hour lifetime
● Output mode / runtime: high ( 120 lumens / 20 minutes ), mid ( 30 lumens / 3.5 hours ), low ( 4 lumens / 31 hours )
● 4 modes: low ( default ) – mid – high – strobe
● Runs on: 1 x AAA ( not included )
● Boasts a peak beam intensity of 540cd and a throw distance of up to 46 meters
● High-efficiency digitally regulated circuit to maintain a constant brightness as battery life diminishes
● Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
● Double-side AR coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, maximizes light transmission ( 99 percent light transmittance )
● Multi-function, side clicky switch provides one-handed operation and easy access to all functions
● High quality detachable stainless steel reversible clip makes it durable and keeps a firm grip on your pocket or hat
● Impact resistance to 1.5 meters and waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 ( submersible to 2 meters )
● Market applications include, but are not limited to everyday carry, keychain, gift, emergency, security and many other uses
● Operation: press switch to change the modes, cycling low – mid – high; long time press switch from low mode to strobe


The Ant is available in brass or stainless steel, I opted for the Stainless version with the Tritium tailcap. the light arrived with no fit/finish issues and looked great. The glass is very clear and AR. The O-rings were in great shaped and the threads were lightly lubed. The inside of the tube was clean, and it works with every AAA battery I have tried in it so far. The threads are very small and cross thread easily, but are otherwise pretty smooth. The switch is metal, and stands out far from the flashlight body. it is very easy to switch on accidentally in your pocket. The pocket clip is great. It is a little tough to fit on thick work jeans, but works great in a shirt pocket or in normal khaki style pants. My only complaints is that the etching with the lumintop brand is very light, and it looks blurry when you take pictures of it. Kind of a shame because it’s such a nice looking light and it makes your pictures look out of focus (more than they already are that is).

Performance: This is what you are really after anyway… My lumen measurements matched Lumintop’s almost exactly. I tested the light with EBL 1000mah tropical AAA NIMH rechargeables. From my runtime charts that this light performs very well. It gets hot on turbo, but nothing to be concerned about at all.

The switch is nice and firm, and clicks accurately. The bad part is that it turns on in your skinny jeans quite often. The tritium tailcap is plenty bright and makes it very easy to find in the dark.

Youtube Review:

Beam Shots:

My final verdict?

So this light is expensive. Your talking nearly $40 at the normal price. I’m sure as time goes on we will see heavily discounted prices just like we do now for the copper / ti tool. The question is whether or not you get your money worth out of the light. This light is more than adequate for everyday carry for most people. After all 120 lumens is massively better than the 30-40 lumens we used to get out of pre-led flashlights. Considering that you do have a nicely finished Stainless flashlight with a tritium insert I suspect that this light is going to appeal to many people. It’s not the top performing light on the market and lacks lithium ion support. But on the other hand this is very simple to use, good looking, and puts out a pleasant cool white beam. It carries well in the pocket, but will turn on from time to time if you have crowded pockets.

I do believe once the price goes down, and we see some flash sales on this light it is definitely going to be more popular. However you can save $10 by taking out the tritium. But for me, it isn’t worth it. The big appeal is the tritium. Without the tritium this is really just a e-switch version of the tool. Without the tritium this light has hard competition from lights like the Ultratak k-18.

My final opinion on this… It’s a great little light with some flaws that keep it from being a great EDC light. It’s not worth $40 to me, and I would never purchase it at that price. However… knock that down $10-15 and I can’t say this light wouldn’t end up in my shopping cart. does this light look fantastic in my collection? heck yeah! So I’m a little conflicted. Cool Vs my sense of value. It is a unique flashlight and this light is going to make alot of people very happy as it does run great and looks great. But for the hardcore flashaholic cheapskate that wants the most lumens/$ you can get out of a light you might feel a little disappointed. Add lithium-ion support and a way to lockout the light and this would be a home run!

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Wish theres a Cu version or an Alum version.
Im tempted my SS ant on 10440. But its too expensive if I fried my driver. Big Smile

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Bad regulation, low efficiency light

No thanks