Wenger vs Victorinox

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Wenger vs Victorinox

ok i know this isnt a knife forum, but theres a lot of talk about them here....


now, i have both. i have somewhere north of 20 swiss army knives. i have camping ones, fishing ones, ones with pliers, ones with playstation logos, ones with locking blades, ones with pens... i got a few. i was searching for one i lost, and found its overwhelming the fanboys of victorinox. i feel my wengers are a notch above in quality. just look at the scissors on the two brands for an example

now i know they are owned by the same company now, but still two separate brands.


figured i could get some conversation on this... post your feelings and thoughts of the two brands

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I only have Victorinox army knifes, but...

Wenger FTW!! Money Mouth

Now where's the darn scissors, so we can check your claim???

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As far as SAKs, the two brands are equal in materials.   Had read they are made towns apart in Switzerland.   Different features and designs.    The best one is the one in your pocket when you need it. Wink

Seems that Wegner is positioned to be more of the "outfitter" brand (backpacks, tents) while Vic is more refined in a way (perfumes, USB drives).

Watches are a different story.   Vic is the hands down winner. 

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I had both in the past, and I can´t tell the difference in quality, both are really good.

The pocket EDC ones when I bought them there were more models in Vic, and vice versa, the ones with a bigger blade size were more often found being Wenger.


Right now I only have a multi tool from Buck which I also like a lot, and a small one with H1 steel from Sipoderco, which I also love it when going fishing due to it does not get any stain at all even treating it very bad.

But those are different concepts, if you want something refined as Luminous said, go for Vic and in a second chance Wenger.

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I've only owned 2 (both Victronix), due to their tool combinations seeming the best for travel.

Comparing both brands a bit back - the Victronix "Compact+" seemed the best travel tool , so I went with that.    (btw - I'm aware of Leatherman, etc. - better basic idea but...no tool quite as good for travel in my mind...pliars probably better than a knife, but the tool combos just aren't quite as good).

I've always *read* that Victronix was a bit better made, even after the buy-out, but have no practical experience with which to guage that


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Before 9-11 I always carried a Victorinox Swiss Champ as carry-on luggage.

Nowadays I think they are too heavy to carry as an EDC. The functions I mostly use is the toothpick, the scissors and the tweezer.  An EDC flashlight is more important to me.