DavidEF's Entry for the 5th Annual Old Lumens Scratch Build Contest! -- Hand Made Category

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DavidEF's Entry for the 5th Annual Old Lumens Scratch Build Contest! -- Hand Made Category

I’m entering the Scratch Build contest again this year in the Hand Made category. Once again, I’m starting this thread not knowing exactly what I’ll build. But, I’m feeling like I want to try something bigger than my previous attempts. This year I’m actually in better shape as far as parts are concerned. I have some large reflectors, a few interesting emitter options, and plenty of drivers to choose from. I’m still not a fabricator. So my biggest challenge will be to come up with a host design that will be interesting and a bit unique, but still be within the scope of my very limited mechanical ability.

Here we go…

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Looking forward to whatever comes to the table David. Smile

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Go for it!! Wink

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sub’d and looking fwd to see what you create.
Best to ya…

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Good luck with your build, David! Beer