Why are 18350 so low in capacity?

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Why are 18350 so low in capacity?

Hello children!

I am switching from 16340 to 18350 and one thing I noticed: The cells are mainly under 1000mah and the highest available is only 1100mAh.

If you look at 18650 – 3600mAh is nowadays possible, 3400mAh not rare at all – 3000mAh for High-Current ones.

18350s are roughly half the size of a 18650 – so why is the capacity less than a third?

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Because they are using old technology. One manufacturer has updated to a more modern technology (Aspire), but not as good as the big manufacturer.

You can find test of Aspire here: http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/CommonSmallcomparator.php

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Unlike the 18650 size, used in laptops, powertools, electric cars, the 18350 size is not used in any widespread application so no major effort is ever put into maximising their performance, even not as a spin-off from the 18650 achievements.

The only reason that we now finally have one decent performing 18350 cell (the Aspire) is the rapid spreading of e-cigarettes.

link to djozz tests 

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low volume, lack of interest

the same question could be posed of the 16340.

most 18350s have no more energy than a 16340, even though they are bigger – making the ‘most lame’ award to the 18350 for being bigger but no stronger


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wle wrote:
most 18350s have no more energy than a 16340, even though they are bigger – making the ‘most lame’ award to the 18350 for being bigger but no stronger

On the other hand, there’s no real high discharge 16340s but at least one good 18350.

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Try windyfire IMR 18350! This battery might be low in capacity and it can handle higher amp and 3000- 4000 lumen in the flashlight..

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basically no big commercial uses so no effort in putting newer tech, actually 26650 is in similar situation the capacity is rather low compared to its volume, a single 26650 using energy density of top tier 18650 could at least reach 7000mah based on volume even 20700 could reach 4500mah.

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I think we are all saying the same thing.

18350 is about half a 2200 18650

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The same goes for 32650 as it does for 26650 & 18350 cells. Lack of demand for higher densities and capacities lie the more popular 18650 format. ( can include current available 14500 formats in this case too) Based on volume, a top-capacity built 32650 can probably be built to even reach 10 Ah or 11 Ah (based on the weight and volume of a 3600 mAh 18650. and as mentioned by rizky a 26650 should reach 7 Ah +, and if the same were applied to a 18350 then at least 1500 to 1600 mAh should be attainable.

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if the battery gets shorter there is always about 7mm of the cell that can not be used for the active foil of the battery
so if you calculate it there should be almost 50% of the capacity possible

so from 65mm of a 18650 then 58mm are useable for capacity
and from 35mm of a 18350 then 28mm are useable for capacity

28/58 = almost 48.3%