ENDED-XTAR 11th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway, let’s go celebrate!

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ENDED-XTAR 11th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway, let’s go celebrate!

Thanks for accompanying us all the way. The growth we’ve experience over the years is because of customers like you, who faithfully support us. You are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful.

For the last 11 years, our mission is being focused, reliable and innovative throughout our products and services. We will do our very best to continue to meet your expectations.

Now, we are giving away DRAGON + MOON!

How to enter:
1. Share something that has accompanied you for over 11 years and tell us the story in the comment.
2. Spread to the world and let others have a chance to win!

Please note:
1. You can post the picture or just describe it in words in the comment.
2. Two winners will be picked by random.org and announced here and on XTAR official website www.xtar.cc on 1st, Sept. 2017.
3. At least 80 people participate in the giveaway will take effect.
4. XTAR reserves all rights about this event.
5. More 11th anniversary giveaways in different platforms, 13 winners! Participate here.

Sept, 1st edit:
Congratulations to our prize winners WestBam (XTAR VP4+ DRAGON Charger) Paul321 (XTAR RC2 MOON EDC Flashlight)!

Please PM me your name, phone number, address and zip code by the end of this month so that we can deliver the prizes into your hands.

Thank you all for your participation, your support just makes our effort worthwhile. We’d love to keep it going and be a partner of yours for a very long time : )

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I bought my Camp 7 Klettersack backpack about 20 or 25 years ago and have been using it ever since. Camp 7 was the house brand of a Southern California sporting goods chain called Sport Chalet, that sold a lot of Backpacking and Climbing gear, much like REI, but wasn’t a co-op and had lower prices.
The Klettersack pack is a classic mountaineering design which I think was originally intended as a rope bag with shoulder straps. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just one big main compartment and a small second compartment in the top flap.
My bag was made in Colorado U.S.A. which should give some indication of just how old it is. I’ve only had to do a little maintenance on it over the years and I never really baby it. It’s been a great pack and I have no near future plans of replacing it.


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Here she is. A blast from the late seventies: the National BF-757. A full sized 4D flashlight.

I bought it when I was still in college, and I have used it intensive till I got my first grown-up LED-light in 2011.
Not much of a modder, I have replaced the incandescent bulb for a halogen bulb and later for an XP-G2 drop-in.
That, plus the large (plastic) reflector, makes it an awesome thrower. But there is more.
With a large knob I can a place a diffuser ring around the bulb. And it is very capable of tail standing.
That’s why I still use it when I have to fix something around the house. That and an AA-light on the visor of my cap.

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Bought this motorbike at 2006, it’s been 11 years now!

I actually enjoyed public transportation a lot. Unfortunately, I can’t get decent one here in this city.
They operate up to 5-6 PM at the evening so I need my own transportation mean.

I just ride it in the city, and now 20km from home to office and back home again.


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In 2006 we took delivery of our second son – I think we might keep him (hehe)

Thanks XTAR for the Giveaway and HAPPY 11th !!

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One of my important and long time possession items, here is Butterfly Mazunov FL. I have more than 50 table tennis blade but I think that only about 10 of them is really usable, this Mazunov is one of blade I trust and use a lot. I got it when I before was in midle school and a little while before the rule changed from 38mm balls to 40mm balls. I used it nearly everyday during hight school and university eventhough I felt that it’s not very suit to play with 40mm balls. Thanks for my skill, it’s still in good shape. hahaha But… too bad… lately, The rules changed again _ !! The celluloid balls replaced by plastic balls. This change made me play less and less nowadays.

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Kept this compass since my middle school days. It has accompanied me through several exams in the past. I am surprise that it is still in good condition after more than 11 yrs.

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 these are my favorite pair of shoes, I've been using them for trek and outdoor adventure. Over a decade old. Still kicking booties!

I even sleep in them when it is cold outside


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My son, he was born 07.06.2006. 11 years ago. Thumbs Up Good luck everyone! Happy 11th Anniversary! Thanks for the chance Xtar!
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I have wictorinox Golfer for more than 15 years.
And it has accompanied me everywhere for over 11 years

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  Eleven years ago , 2006... Operation Iraqi Freedom  ... Many memories from that times , that I want to forget ..! 13 months in Baghdad .., is good enough ?


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My family has had our tabby cat, Tigress, for at least 11 years.

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I had to think what it was like for so long.
Then I realized. I have a very old streamlight flashlight with krypton bulb. Well she has it and it still works!

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We have a kitchen table that we have kept for over 20 years. That and our bedroom furniture.

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I have a 12 years old Volvo S60 – still going strong Thumbs Up

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I have a British Bulldog who is just over 11 years old. Still snoring and faring away. Doesn’t move very fast anymore, but has a clean bill of health from the vet, He’s quite old for the breed already but hope he hangs around for years to come,

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My 2006 PT Cruiser! It runs as well now as the first day, which ain’t saying much, believe me.

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I told you about my wife on cpf, but Ive had my Ford Expedition even longer. Bought it in 1999, for $19,000 with only 19,000 miles on it, but at a dealership, the same model with 35,000 miles was going for $30k. It’s still going strong, served me well, and if I could go back in time I would have treated it a lot better. Just like my wife.

On another note, my brother worked for adidas in the 80’s. I used to get sneakers, sweat suits, jackets, you name it, but believe it or not, I had socks from them that were at least 20 years old before I had to get rid of them. Now that’s quality. See you in 20 years xtar and I’ll tell you about my old s1 & b20 pilot

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Congrats on your 11th anniversary. I own quite a few of your excellent goods. Many Thanks for the Giveaway !!

My Trusty 1978 Honda CT90 … runs like a top.

... Happy Landings ...

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My 2006 Toyota Verso Smile

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This year I enjoy the 11th year with my Photon Proton with 6 white LED’s and one red LED that I received in 2006.

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I till have the trusty old cassette player, probably 25 years old now, not used very much but still working perfect.

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i still drive my 2002 BMW 325i old car but still blast to drive.

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11 Years ago I bought my Böker Vollintegral Hunting knife.


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This is my dog, now it’s 18 years old. I’t like a brother to me Wink

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I’ve owned this Kramer DMZ5000 bass since 1979. It played many local bar dates throughout the 80’s and 90’s. I still pluck away on it every once in a while. Brings back pleasant memories when I was still young.

My 2006 American Fender Jazz bass I currently play regularly.

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my Toyota Corolla 2006, it is currently used by my wife, today changed wheel covers.

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My Benchmade 330 was a gift I gave myself on my first marriage about 18 years ago. The marriage didn’t last, but that knife has been with me all that time through thick and thin, rich and poor and all that. The picture isn’t mine. Photobucket and all…

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Bought this Fox knife over 15 years ago, and although it never had much use, it work well asca camping knife and I still like the design.

link to djozz tests 

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Third marriage to my current (and Last) wife in 1970, Yes 47 years ago, and she is still putting up with me.  undecidedsmilewink

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2006 I bought my bicycle
it has a gearbox with 14 gears, pretty expensive

I took a photo from it to have the serial number just in case it gets stolen

still using it