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I have been curious about underdriven multi emitter lights. I got one of Richard's Jaxman E2Ls, and we're attached at the hip. Love that light! I began to wonder what was possible in aq pocketable light. I have a few P60s, as I suspect many of us do. I selected a Solarforce P60 for modification, based upon the fact that it had a dropin I was not fond of. Now, this whole thing barely qualifies as a build. Soldering two wires ain't all that tough. Now, get this: I ordered my parts from Richard on Wednesday night, close to midnight, and got them today! Great service, considering he had to reflow the emitters!

Initially, I intended to get 4 XP-L HIs, but at the last minute I decided to do something else. I had never had a Nichia emitter, so I tried them. Normally I do these builds after dark so I can get right to the good stuff. Did I take that sensible course? Nooo, I put it together about suppertime. And then waited. You know you're a flashoholic when you want the Sun to go away. I took a nap, then got up and played. I had previously ordered a couple of drivers from Richard, 10-60-100%. The current readings were 0.172A on low, 2.57 on medium, and 3.8A on high. What I have is in effect low, high, and turbo. What surprised me was how much light there was on low. These things must be very efficient at low currents. I got D280 tint, a 5000K, and it is beautiful!

I decided to do a burndown trial. I let the light run on turbo for a bit over 10 minutes, resting on my back porch in 60 degree temps. At the end of the trial, the light was hot all the way back. The copper pill did it's job! The battery was down to 3.66V. I let the light cool down then, rather than blow it up with a fresh battery right away.

I'm not sorry I assembled this light. It's a really nice light. The thing is, it is not dramatically brighter than the Jaxman E2L, not for the amount of current. I don't know if this is because of the emitters I chose. I may do another with the XP-Ls I had originally intended to use.

There is a shining ray :)) in all of this. For those of you who have a forlorn P60 languishing in a drawer, it's time for a resurrection! If you want to do this on a budget, you could use your existing driver. 2.8 or 3.04A is not going to make any more heat than it did with some other emitter. The pill, while not the absolute best, did OK with an XM-L, or whatever. So, all you need is one of the pre-bridged triples for $20.50, and a $1.55 optic, for a truly budget upgrade for your poor old P60. IMHO, going much higher than 3.04A is a waste of battery. 2.57A is bright in my quad; 3.8A is brighter, but maybe not worth it.


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Well said

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