Review: Lumintop Tool Ti

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Review: Lumintop Tool Ti

This light was provided by FastTech for review.

The Lumintop Tool Ti is a very cool little EDC light. The polished titanium body/head with the copper collar/heat sink makes for a very sharp and classy package. The Nichia emitter gives you a very creamy tinted beam and the orange peel reflector makes the beam pattern smooth and a good mix of flood/throw. The deep carry pocket clip is very sturdy and doesn’t make me feel like it’s going to come off causing me to loose the light and the keychain attachment point is machined into the tailswitch area. Removing the pocket clip and reinstalling it will leave marks on the body.

It comes in decent packaging good for give giving. In the box you will find the light secured in foam with a keychain attachment, instructions and extra o-rings. The electronic tail switch fits the light well and provides positive feedback when activating the light. The default brightness is medium and changing levels takes a little getting used. The light has to be switched on and off fairly quickly to cycle through the levels (medium, low, high). The threads on my example are fairly smooth, not your typical gritty Ti feel. The knerling on the body is functional but not pocket shredding.

Overall the tool Ti is a very cool light for not a lot of money. The simple UI makes it easy to use, the compact package makes it easy to carry and the polished Ti body with copper accent make it classy addition to your office carry.


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Thanks for the review, it is a nice little light, IMO one of the best for use with AAA cells. My Reylight version starts in low which I like a bit better.

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Awesome review, thanks a million man

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thats a sexy looking light.

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don;t leak an alkaleak in it!

i have a regular black tool, alkaline cancer caused me to spend 2 hours diagnosing and fixing it, i still don;t trust it in the long run

(though this one could have a different switch design, the switch in mine was the biggest problem- unopenable, unfixable, about 12 steel/aluminum junctions in the current path)


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Putting a leak-prone battery in an expensive light can be resumed in one single word: CRINGE.