Any suggestions for a work light?

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Any suggestions for a work light?

I found the Scangrip Star
Scangrip Star product page
as I looked for a work light.

I like the multifunctional form and the rotable grip. Magnets, rechargeable. 1000lm

A bit pricy.

Edit: Found a video

Does anybody know similar lights?

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Headlamp with very floody TIR or mule, there are lights that have also a magnet and/or some magnets taped on the clip

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Im with Lexel, the head lamp is very usefull, much more that “reflector” in that link because you dont need any hand to carry.

I have the skillhunt H03 with tir lens and regret for not buying erlier Big Smile

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Well, I have 4 headlamps.

But for 5 to 8 hours work I normally rig up my light on a stand.
It’s much less hassle.

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Check out the Loftek 15w light.

Me and my brother each have one. It works great. Has 3 × 2200 mah 18650 cells built in. Usb rechargable. Even has usb output like a power bank to charge your phone, etc… The light is very wide angle and smooth.

Charles BridgTec did a review on youtube.

My Convoy L6 thread with XHP70.2, Texas Avenger FET driver, Narsil v1.2 ramping firmware, lighted side switch and cut down SMO reflector. Lots of amp draws on stock driver as well.

My Supfire L5-S thread with XHP70, Texas Avenger FET driver, NarsilM ramping firmware and lighted side switch. My mini L6!

NarsilM user videos

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Yeah, a floody headlamp is the best work light.

Looking for:

5” parabolic reflector (for recoil light)