[ENDED] Agro's 500 posts giveaway

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[ENDED] Agro's 500 posts giveaway

Hey, I’m 90% 95% towards my 500th post, it’s high time for a GAW!
1. Prize
The winner may pick one of the following:

  • Brand new Emisar D4. Any colour you like, any emitter you like.
  • Brand new Emisar D1. Any colour you like, any emitter you like.
  • You may pick any flashlight or closely related item for up to $40 shipped from any of the following stores:

You may wonder why did I select those? Or you may not, I will tell you anyway.
Because I loved the GAWs they made on BLF this year!
Thank you Allmaybe!
Thank you Banggood!
Thank you Gearbest!
Thank you Manker!
Thank you Nitefox!
Thank you Sanyi!
Thank you ThorFire!
Thank you Wuben!
And thank you XTAR! Though I can’t find an official store of yours and haven’t got a response for e-mail inquiry in time for this post.
2. GAW start
3. GAW end
When I enter my 500th post. That’s close, enter now!
4. Who can enter
You can enter if and only if you have never won any GAW and (you’re capable of performing the entrance procedure or have someone do it in your name). Any BLF GAW counts, regardless if it’s by a commercial entity or not.
5. How to enter
Just express your willingness to enter in this thread
6. Winner selection
Winner will be picked randomly
7. Special rule
Donators to the BLF development fund will have their chances to win doubled. I’ll determine who is a donator by looking at the The Miller – provided list at the time of ending the GAW, so if you donated shortly before, you may not be counted.

Won by ImA4Wheelr
See http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1185586#comment-1185586

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Oh wauw, cool
Thanks, humbled here.
And I don’t think I won an actual member GAW so IN!
Oops scratch that, I won a Lumintop 18650 cell, so not in Wink
(Heheh at this number sure not tonwin Wink )

Thanks for the GAW and really nice you reward people who helped us!

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Very Nice, well done on the entrance rules too Thumbs Up

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Very generous of you! Agree with CRX on the rules Thumbs Up

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I’m in. I don’t have a personal heater yet.

Thanks for the GAW.

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Too bad, i really would like to be in to make a chance for the D4, but won one GA from GB once!
Congratulations on 500 posts!

Thijsco19 wrote:

a regular symptom of flasholism Big Smile

“Flasholism is the most severe form of flashlight use and involves the inability to manage your flashlight use habits. It is also commonly referred to as flashlight use disorder. Flashlight use disorder is organized into three categories: mild, moderate and severe. Each category has various symptoms and can cause harmful side effects. If left untreated, any type of flashlight use can spiral out of control.”

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I am in, thank you for your generous giveaway

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
Tmart service team


Soumil wrote:



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Congrats on 500 posts!

I'm not in as I have won plenty of giveaways.

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Count me in please and many thanks to you. Was just finished with the D4 thread when I saw this.

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I’ve won already so am posting here to add confusion to the thread. Silly (EDIT: It’s cool for you to do a giveaway! Congrats on being a nice person.)

My gratitude to those who are willing and able to help others (in whatever way you can)! Being human is more than just existing for yourself. Smile

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I’m in

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Count me in.

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 don`t count me in, but congrats on your 500 posts! you surely enjoy sticking around Smile

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Count me in!
And thanks for the opportunity!

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1. Congrats to OP! Check!

2. Declare ‘Not in!’ to muddy winner selection process. Check!

3. Brag about previous win(s). I won an O-L modded HD2010! Check!

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I’m in! You rock!

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ChibiM wrote:

 don`t count me in, but congrats on your 500 posts! you surely enjoy sticking around Smile

Sure. Smile
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Pretty cool rules, I’m in, and Congrats

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I won a lumintop worm when lumintop had their giveaway almost two years ago so I’m not in. Never won a user sponsored gaw though.

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Yokiamy wrote:
Too bad, i really would like to be in to make a chance for the D4, but won one GA from GB once!
Congratulations on 500 posts!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause anyone to feel excluded. I know how it is.

I guess it would have been better to make it open for all, but have everyone declare the (approximate) number of won GAWs, then halve chances for each win. But I’m not changing the rules part way into the GAW.

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I think there should be distinction between user-sponsored and manufacturer-sponsored. I think the joy of winning is the same and I want more people to feel it.

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Sure, in for a 4. Big Smile

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I won a GW once, so…congratulations Party

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New member here, so obviously i have never won any giveaway. A D4 would be a great addition to my modest collection. That is a very generous giveaway. I’m in! Thanks!

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Count me in and many thanks!

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I’m in! Awesome givaway!!

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I am in, Congratulations on 500 posts! And thank you for your generous giveaway

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Congrats from a BLF newbie!

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Congrats on your 500th post. I’ve never even heard of an Emisar D4

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Hey Agro, congrats on the almost 500 posts. Please don’t count me in as I have the D4, and I sure like someone else to win. Thanks for the discussions!

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Thanks for the 500 nice posts on BLF Agro.

Not in because I have won a few giveaways, the nicest one was from ChicagoX many years ago, a custom bead-blasted SS ITP-A3:

link to djozz tests 

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