[REVIEW] Haikelite MT03 The flood king ?

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[REVIEW] Haikelite MT03 The flood king ?


That’s my first review on BLF and i want to share my experience with this “little” beast. I got mine from Gearbest here :

Data from Manufacturer
—Emitter: Triple CREE XHP70 N4 CW or N2 NW
—Aluminum Alloy body with HAIII Anodize black surface Finish
—Battery: 4x High Drain >10A button top 18650
—Switch: Side electrical switch with big Transparent rubber boot
—Aluminium OP Reflector
Ultra Clear Double-sided AR coated Glass lens (99% Light transmision )
—Double O rings; IPX8 Waterproof
—With standard Tripod hole
—Max Brightness: 8760 Lumens CW ; 7560 NW 5000K CRI80
—Max Runtime: 58 days
—Brightness Level: (Digital current regulation)
Low Low: 10 Lumens (28 days )
Low: 150 Lumens (35 hrs to 10% power)
Middle: 1000 Lumens ; (550 minutes to 10% power)
High: 2700 Lumens (330 minutes to 10% power)
Hidden moonlight: 0.6 Lumens ; 58 days
Turbo—8760lumens —-2.5 minutes (thermal control) step down to 5500 Lumens—-2 minutes (thermal control) step down again to 2400 Lumens (300 minutes to 10% power)
— Timed Temperature stepdown and thermal regulation
Size: 130mm length x 72mm Head x 50mm body
Weight:600 Gram

User interface
First good point for this lights is the simple UI that Haikelite has implemented.
Yes in fact I’m very upset by all the different types of UI for my flashlights and I don’t remember all the UI complexities. For example yesterday I wanted to change mode for my nitecore concept1 because it entered strobe mode (tactical mode activated) and you need to unscrew and screw+hold down mode button…
Well here you have a simple UI with one button. This is an electronic side switch with blue backlight. You can acces to moonlight mode from off pushing and holding the side switch for 2 seconds. To turn the light on just push once and the mode cycling is working by holding the button.
The switch backlight is also a battery level indicator.
100%-50% = blue light
50%-9% = blue light flashing twice every 2 seconds
9%-below = fast blinking

Light comes in a box with foam to protect the body light. But I does not come in a plastic box like the last MT02 SC02…No problem for me because I don’t really use the plastic box to store my lights.
The package contain a lanyard, 4 spare orings and the manual (English)
Light body is really good machined and there are a lot of deep cooling fins. That’s a good point to deal with high amp and temp rise. The threads on both side of the battery tube are well machined and there is a lot of lubrification.
Battery tube work with 4 18650 cells and it is a 2S2P config. The tailcap is special and for good alignement (2S2P config !) there a 2 small pins with different diameter so you can’t plug it the wrong way. There are also plastic spacer on + contacts to protect from reverse polarity.
I would say that the light give a very good feeling in hand and seems very well finished. That’s comparable to my nitecore flashlights. Good point Haikelite

Runtimes and output
For the runtimes test I use Samsung unprotected 30Q high drain cells.
When switching to turbo mode the light you get the full power for 2.5min and then step down to 5000lm.
I will had my table with mesurements

I use a cooking sensor for measurements. That’s not very accurate but give a good idea of the temperature for the head.
Table with measurements to be added

MT03 vs IMALENT DN70 vs Convoy L6
beam shape:

Short distance shot

long distance shot

I really like this light. Im a big fan of can size lights and the output is really bright. I always wanted a flashlight with high output (5000lm on stepdown) that last more than seconds on this level of lumens. Imalent DN70 does offer a very good output but the small host doesnt provide good heat transfer so it stepdown quickly. L6 is a good one but really big….

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Thanks for the review. I would respectfully disagree about the use of throwers for everyday use, but that is the fun of enthusiast forums, no? I like that I can use very little power to examine an area that may be 2 to 5 meters away. Why illuminate 100 square meters when I’m only interested in 1 or 2? Wastes power and wakes up the neighbors. LOL

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Well it depends, i everyday use my Nitecore TIP 360lm because i need light for part inspection,…never more than 1meter. But when i’m looking for something in my workshop i really use my concept1 @1800lm and that’s really necessary but this light stepdown quickly i would say that 2000lm is really good and this light is capable for long minutes…(an SC02 is enough you are right)

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Thanks for the review. Sustained output looks impressive! A tripod mount would be a good addition!

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i added beamshots.

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Very nicely done...

I will say imho... comparing it to the DN70 kind of sets the DN70 up for failure and makes the MT03 appear to be a better light. And it probably is but, it is a triple emitter powered by 4 18650 cells verses a single emitter pocket sized light using only a single 26650.

I did enjoy reading. This light has my interest.

Terry White

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Oh yes not really good for Dn70 and I didn’t wanted to it was just to compare floody light and finally dn70 have a reflector that give more length. The dn70 is not a really good option has it only have 1 battery and at 2500lm it step down too quickly. Than mode spacing is hugely because it does not have a 1500lm mode. If you want to have a good battery life you need to stay in sub 1000lm range.