Cheers all!

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Happy Birthday

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CRIPES!!!! No wonder you’re able to organise group buys etc. lol. Happy birthday!!!

My gratitude to those who are willing and able to help others (in whatever way you can)! Being human is more than just existing for yourself. Smile

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Happy Birthday Beer

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Van harte gefeliciteerd! Big Smile

Sounds all very nice!

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Happy Birthday and best wishes to you!!! Drooling at the thoughts of your meal, everything sounds soo good!
Best meal I have ever had was at the French restaurant in Vermilion (Ohio) by the river, the truffle soup was divine!

The Miller
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Heheh wanted to start, my wife says, well why don’t you do it a bit simpler.
And minutes after that a friend pops in to play some chess
While cooking, simpler, I cut out the soup, we do a game and of course invite him to dinner if he gets his wife to join.
He returns, bringing a sweet home made banana/lemon cake, a salty cake with ham, a nice bottle of Cognac, and I still didn’t caught on that my wife had done a little surprise party.
It was a good evening, my son whipped out the 3 person chess game friends gave me 19 years ago, hadn’t seen it since moving here, all pieces still there, so we played, my son, friend and me.
Very impressed by my son, we havent played chess since the move, and not that often in the passed, he was only 9 last time we played. Not only did he knew all the moves, he dd set it up correct with queen/kings on right color fields, and played a pretty decent defense.
For those wondering, here is an example, though ours has better defined black/white fields, the shape is the same:

I think they let me win Big Smile They must have for I am and was not that sharp and our friend plays tournaments (although it was the first time he saw this and the exact movement of pawns, queen and bishop over the center “star” is really tricky for it can be that the move can go two ways. yeah that must be it Smile

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That is a cool game.
Happy Birthday!
Sounds like a very nice meal and great day overall.
Many more to ya.

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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Smile

..waiting for parts..

Still looking for 5” parabolic reflector (for recoil light)

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Feliz Aniversário, The Miller Wink
Be Happy and “Enlightened” through all your life!!

(Yeah, I know it was “yesterday”, but…Joyeux Anniversaire! Party )

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Fijne verjaardag!

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Happy birthday! And thank you for all the hard work Wink

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Happy Birthday The Miller!

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Gefeliciteerd! And enjoy the French life, all could be worse I guess WinkBeer

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I’d say that you should enjoy your day, but I can see that you already did! In style!

Thank you so very much for all the hours you and the team put in to making wonderful lights that will please so many people. It means a great deal for you to share your passion and to bring so much light (literally) to the world!

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Happy 70th Miller. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. Party

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Happy Birthday The Miller! You deserve some celebration with all the work you do around here.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Happy B-Day, The Miller!  ^:)

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Very VERY Happy birthday, and Best wishes for the next 10,000  smile  wink

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I’m very happy that a great person had a great birthday. By the way, I lie about my age all the time too. Big Smile

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Interested in one light, just kidding. Happy birthday The Miller.

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Happy birthday

Happy familys

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Happy Birthday Miller!!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!
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I envy you! You deserve it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Miller

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happpy birthday mate and thanks for everything cheers????

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Happy Birthday! Sounds like you are already having a good one. May the rest of the year be as equally good if not more so!

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Happy Birthday The Miller.

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Happy birthday and thanks for all your efforts!

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Happy Birthday and many more happy years in the circle of your beloved family.

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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.
En vandaag uitbuiken en de restjes opeten?

Many congratulations on your birthdag.
And now let your food digest comfortably and eat the leftovers?

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Best wishes on your birthday!