Armytek predator pro issue.

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Armytek predator pro issue.

If anyone knows what is wrong or how to fix it, help would be appreciated.
My light is very dim, on turbo it seems to not be getting power. I have wiped the contact points clean, and I noticed my battery tube seems out of round. Maybe that’s my issue?
Here is a video on YouTube

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Hey mate. Did you need up fixing or finding out the problem?
Was thinking about getting this light.

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I’ve had the same problem with mine AFTER cleaning the contacts. I went with contact cleaner for electrical work, on a q-tip, and that did the trick.
Another thing I noticed is another armytek that I hadn’t used for a few months didn’t turn on when I put a battery in. I was going to do a cleaning and it came on out of the blue. I don’t know if the light has a capacitor that had to charge first?

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