Review: Ruike Trekker LD51-B

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Review: Ruike Trekker LD51-B

Hello everyone, today I'm reviewing the Ruike Trekker LD51-B sent me for the occasion by Ruike, whom I thank for the opportunity and trust given to me.

CLICK HERE to go to the official product page on the Ruike website.

Ruike official features:

- one-hand operatione and lockable blade
- sandvik 12C27 blade material
- G10 knife handle
- locking mechanism
- tungsten steel breaking cone
- pocket clip design

Where to buy

You can purchase the LD51 from FENIX OUTFITTERS

The packaging and accessories

The Trekker LD51-B comes in a sturdy cardboard box where, in the front, is marked the name and the motto of the company

and in the back there are more information about Ruike. As you can understand, it is currently part of the famous brand Fenix.

On one side is attached a sticker that shows the model name and the color of the grips.

Opened the box, we find the multipurpose stayed at a specially shaped compartment.

Once removed everything from the packaging, we should have:

- the Trekker LD51-B
- warranty's sheets
- the manual in English, Chinese and Spanish

Here, the pages on manual that you can download or view from the Ruike website.
N.B. The manual depicts multiple models from Ruike, the one pictured on the second page is LD61, the best equipped of the brand.

The utility knife

The Trekker LD51-B is among the most complete Ruike multipurpose knifes and aims to be a valuable adventure's companion. Thanks to its numerous accessories, it is useful to perform various tasks in outdoor use and is reliable even for small home jobs and not.

As with the other models, the Sandvik stainless steel used is 12C27 (~ 59 58 HRC), steel that is used in the famous Morakniv knives that are well suited for outdoor use.
As for steel, also grips are in the same material as the other instruments of the House (G10) but in this case, are in the black coloration. For the uninitiated the G10 is famous for offering excellent grip.

Let's go to see it in detail.

First G10 grip.

One of the two sides packed with accessories. Will open both to the left and to the right.

The other side with the accessories... the nay (corkscrew).

Second G10 grip, smaller than the other due to the compartment for the corkscrew. On this face there is also the practical clip.

On the bottom is inevitable the small tungsten glass breaker.

All the fittings are tight enough to scroll smoothly and don't have game between movements.

The blade of the LD51-B, as the LD43 reviewed above, has a profile tip drop point and the opening is controlled by a thumb stud which allows you to use, unfortunately, the only right hand.
To follow the view of the groove in the grip that facilitates movement on the thumb stud.

One of the two sides of the blade shows the name of the brand

While on the other there is the model name

and the type of steel used.

The main blade is the only instrument to be equipped with a security lock (liner lock). The block is reliable and the PIN has no obvious games.

There is also a small clamp with wire cutters, lever to allow the automatic re-opening,

small philips screwdriver,

jig saw for wood

scissors with lever to allow the automatic re-opening,

wood awl/needle for leather by adding wires peeler and a key called spoke wrench you need to unscrew the bolts of bicycle spokes

belt cutter with a small 3 mm flat screwdriver at its end,

bottle opener with another flat screwdriver, this time of 6, 5 mm, another wire peeler and two wire ply

and, to finish this side, a small accessory that, when extracted, allows you to attach a strap, a lanyard or carabiner.

At the opposite side, to end all accessories listed above, there is the corkscrew

While, hidden in the handle, there's the tweezer

Once extracted

proves to be long approximately two thirds against the entire body of the LD51-B.

Here are some tests with some of these tools.
The main blade,

the saw


The awl,

the small curved blade for cordage,

the wire cutters pliers,

The awl, wire peeler

eyelets to bend the cables,

spoke wrench,

the tweezers,

the philips screwdriver,

the pliers,

the other screwdriver,

and finally here is the LD51-B attached to a backpack through
a small carabiner (not included) and its clip.


Dimensions: dimensions and weight

The LD51-B measure 11,50x2,8x2,6 cm when closed (regardless of the clip and the tungsten tip) and weighs 264 gr.
Regarding the size of the main tools, the smooth blade is 8 cm long while the saw is 8.5 cm long.

Comparison with the dimensional LD43 Ruike and Victorinox Huntsman.

The two Ruike side by side have the same size

but they differ in height saw the largest number of instruments fitted on LD51-B.

Both the main blade that hacksaw also have the same shape and size in both models.

Scissors, by comparison with that of Victorinox, is slightly more generous.

Personal considerations

Even this Ruike Trekker LD51-B turned out to live up to expectations. The stainless steel used is the 12C27, which lends itself to be used for such instruments. Unlike the model previously tried, this proved to be suitable for a range of uses slightly higher while remaining a small product. Does not change the feeling of having a quality product in your hands, given from the excellent materials.

Compared to LD43, weight and thickness are increased slightly and this has slightly affected this model. I have a medium sized hand and I felt holding limit while my colleague, who has a bigger hand, found himself well. But, in live use, this "disadvantage" has't been feeled.

All instruments are easy to open, all accessories sharped (sharp factory direct) and overall this Ruike performs extremely well the work for which it is intended.
The main blade is also a simple but highly reliable security system that locks the blade.

As in the previous model I haven't serious flaws to report. The only negative thing is that is not optimized for lefties, since the thumb stud you can operate only with your right thumb.
Finally, I say it was a stroke of genius put the small removable ring for lanyard or carabiner. It allows us to expand at will the possibilities for multipurpose transport.

What do you think about it? Should you buy it?

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Looks good, plus it’s not a dumb copy of Victorinox Thumbs Up

What’s the price point on this one?

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This looks good
LD21 seems nice too
not cheap

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Pretty clever design. Big Smile

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AgentSteel wrote:
Looks good, plus it’s not a dumb copy of Victorinox Thumbs Up

What’s the price point on this one?

Yes, looks good and it’s a viable alternative to the Vics. This large version (LD51) is about $82 but the medium version (M51) is about $65.
If you need something much essential, there is the LD43 for $77
It depends on how comfortable you are and what you have to do with it.
The LD series have the liner lock and the thumbs stud.

You have to remember that is Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel, the same of the Morakniv. A quality mark.

Not cheap, but I think that there will be good deals in the futures Wink

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You could also check out the Boker ToolTech series and the Sanrenmu WA721-A1.
The Fenix and the Boker variants are made by Sanrenmu anyways, so it’s the same tools, same materials, same f+f.

The biggest advantage besides the G10/carbon fiber laminate scales of the Boker line is that the clip has 2 possible posictions, for tip-up or tip-down carry but that’s taking away the scissors.
I really like the WA721-A1’s scissors, so I’d prefer they made the clip for tip-up as a standard, the fat deep carry clip bites my hand after some minutes of use.

Or just offer a standard clip, deep carry is not really necessary for me..

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I really like this knife, it seems of a great quality, the steel is better than in victorinox (420 more or less).
It would be incredible to see a comparative test with victorinox, this ruike and the sanrenmu WA721-A1…

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Its a re-branded Sanrenmu (like all items from Ruike and Real Steel). I prefer the old version with two-hands opening and spring-lock, it is much more elegant.