Hello from Vancouver , Canada

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Hello from Vancouver , Canada

Hello , I have always loved flashlights and used to be active on candlepower-forums ( Still have my Arclight AAA ) and lurked a bit on these forums however life changed and I hadn’t bought a new light in forever. ( Tiablo A9 Special Edition my last flashaholic purchase Silly )

Well I recently started backpacking over the last few years and picked up a Black Diamond Spot which has worked decently as a camp light. However I have started doing more night walking/hiking and have had a need for something new which brought me back to lurking these forums for a new headlamp!

I thought I would just end up picking up a cheaply priced 18650 style floody headlamp after reading some reviews and move on with my life. However you guys have so much information and so many budget lights you speak so fondly of that I wanted to try so I couldnt help myself especially with all the coupon codes I managed to find to keep things “budget” friendly.

I ended up going with a Skilhunt H03 for $25 coupon deal but have now bought a Zanflare C4 Charger , Utorch UT01 (cause AA is always handy ) , Lumintop Tool AAA Nichia ( Cause AAA is handy especially since my Black Diamond Spot is also AAA ), Convoy C8 Clear With Biscotti (I am curious how my Tiablo A9 SE will handle it ), Convoy S2+ Red With Biscotti x8 (It was pretty and Simon is super accommodating! ), 4 Eneloop AA’s 8 Eneloop AAA’s ( which actually do fit in my Black Diamond Spot despite me reading online they would be too long!!!) 3 18650 from Mtn Electronics 2X ICR18650-26F 2600MAH for the Convoy’s and 1X NCR18650GA 3500 MAH for the Skilhunt ( all protected cause I am a wimp Silly )

So Yea I now await most of my orders to arrive and am hopeful nothing else catches my eye in the mean time Smile

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Welcome to BLF! I am one of the lucky people who’ve had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver and I absolutely loved that place!

You had some decent choices already in your flashlight career and I trust you’ll feel right at home here.

Again, welcome and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all!

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welcome to BLF!

IMHO, what BLF has that CPF doesn’t (for the most part) are the exciting special lights like the giga-thrower, lantern, etc. Keep on eye out for those projects.

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Welcome to BLF!

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Welcome from another west coaster.

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Another "Welcome" from the West Coast, just a little bit more South... Wink





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Oh Dude what ever you do DO NOT look at the D4.

TK’s Emisar D4 review

Made you look


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Hey how are you doing man? Welcome to BLF! Party

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westcoastwonders wrote:
Welcome from another west coaster.

West coast best coast!
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Welcome to BLF westcoast! Looks like you have some nice flashlights.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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It's good to have you here, westcoast!


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Oh trust me I saw that D4 thread while lurking and it is definitely a gorgeous light ( & Green is best! ) but I think I blew the flashlight budget for the month and will have to enjoy what I receive first! Silly

I received my Convoy C8 XPL-Hi Friday. I had read plenty of reviews with beamshots and the reported lumens but I didn’t really bother to go back to research what the Tiablo A9 SE was specced so I just assumed I might see a 25% to 33% increase. Wow!!! Just WOW, it is shockingly different!

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Another welcome from the West Coast, just a little bit more south… and east. Silly

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Welcome. I’m from Vancouver too!