XTAR Crazy November(Part 2 GW)--Be the First to use the Fastest Charger Ever

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Have you ever used fast chargers?
2A is fast? Because then yes Smile
If yes, do you have any concerns about them?
Not really. I’m honest with the fact that the high current is not good. But sometimes speed matters.
If no, why?
Anyone who does not use is probably not buying it for the price. A quick charger (which is good too) is not cheap. Cheap is liitokala lii-100 and friends. But they’re far from the good.

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Have you ever used fast chargers?

The honest answer is no, I haven't.


If no, why?

The honest answer is because I don't have one. smile

(But I'm not sure fast charging would do the batteries good, anyway. I might be wrong, though)