Shrink tubes, pre-shrunk!

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Shrink tubes, pre-shrunk!

This isn’t really ‘battery’ specific, but it’s the closest category I can find, so bear with me please.

I recently ordered some 18650 shrink tubes from one of our better known Chinese suppliers – one that’s always been honest and reliable in the past. I won’t name him, lest I unfairly harm his business, BUT -when these ‘18650’ tubes arrived a couple of days ago, they were as hard as leather – almost crisp – and so small I could barely force a AAA cell into one. They had every appearance of being exposed to enough heat to shrink them to their absolute minimum, and the colour had shifted from red to purple/brown.

Is is possible that an airport X-ray (or perhaps several X-rays) or other radiation source could do that? Would there be any external source that could shrink them without causing heat damage to the package or the rest of it’s contents (which was simply some switches and a couple of black UV lenses)?

I’m stumped, but I’m pretty sure they were normal and healthy when our guy shipped them!

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Im using similar pvc tubes for packaging. In my experience some rolls looks pre-shrinked too. I suppose this material is no very stable and can shrink from time or when several different factors cross – like temperature difference.
X-ray can not do this. It could be caused by some accident like fire in chinese warehouse.

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One time I received them like this, it was in 5m roll and only one side was shrinked. Looked like it was next to something very hot.

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Was it Bangbad, GearCrap or FastTurd? 

Just a little joke, of course.

I do not think telling us the whole of your experience is really detrimental for the seller, pretty sure all will be resolved (refund, seller service improvement, etc). Of course, you're free to do as you believe.

The seller will now have a chance to inspect the condition of the goods in their warehouse.


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I had the same thing happen once. 10 or 12 pre-cut tubes all shrunk but just on one side.