Light for a hunter recommendation?

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Light for a hunter recommendation?

I don’t own any guns but I have friends that hunt. Which flashlight might be a good option for mounting or use to spotlight for deer hunting? My friends are looking something. Thanks as usual guys! Smile

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Might want to delete this. Spotlighting game animals isn’t legal in Texas. Nor is hunting game animals at night.
Sec. 62.0031. HUNTING FROM PUBLIC ROAD OR RIGHT-OF-WAY PROHIBITED. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), a person may not hunt a wild animal or bird when the person is on a public road or right-of-way….

Sec. 62.004. HUNTING AT NIGHT. No person may hunt any wild bird, wild game bird, wild fowl, or wild game animal protected by this code at any season of the year between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise….

Sec. 62.005. HUNTING WITH LIGHT. Except as provided by Section 62.0055 or 62.0056, no person may hunt a game animal or bird protected by this code with the aid of an artificial light that casts or reflects a beam of light onto or otherwise illuminates the game animal or bird, including the headlights of a motor vehicle…

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Minty, if you want this thread to disappear, send a PM to Mr. Admin:

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In Texas, what about a landowner getting a permit to shoot deer at night with a light if the deer are eating your crops? Legal in Georgia with a permit.

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Texas Shooter………The Deer are still a definite no no but you can hunt the following at night………….

As in many states, it is illegal to hunt on public lands at night in Texas, however, if you’re hunting non-game animals like feral hog, Axis deer, or Russian boar, and on private lands, then you are in the clear to hunt at night. Use of illumination or night vision scopes and goggles is legal when hunting on private property as long as the equipment is legally possessed and documented under state and federal laws. A good rule of thumb when doing any hunting at night is to notify your local game warden before setting out in order to avoid any undue confusion.

EDIT: I also see now the question was SPECIFICALLY about Deer…

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Similar rules to deer hunting here
I guess you may need to use a light at dawn and sunset?

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Nitecore p30 , compact, light and with great throw.
With the coupon from Mad Max the price is really low

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I had no idea about the legality of hunting like that and I may have misunderstand him when I was talking to my hunter friend about what his intentions were. I don’t wish to promote anything illegal.

thanks guys.

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I use an Olight S1 Baton to get in and out of the stands when it’s dark. The game warden would have to be in a pretty bad mood to think I was spotlighting with it.