review of Sofirn SF36 (18650; WW; 5 mode; 1000 lumen; 3000K)

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review of Sofirn SF36 (18650; WW; 5 mode; 1000 lumen; 3000K)
Tracy from Sofirn generously offered me the Sofirn SF36 in exchange for a review, It is my first Sofirn light. I’m very happy with it, lots to like and I can’t find anything to complain about. It’s a basic light, nothing to make it stand out from others like it …. except for the Cree XP-L V6 emitter with a warm white tint at 3000K. That is new to me. I’m not sure I own a light with even 4000K, probably 4500K. You will either hate it or like it. I like it. It’s surely different. Everything is solid quality on the light, great clip, excellent feel on the switch, nice stainless bezel, smooth reflector. It comes in nice little kit with the light, a 2800 mAh 18650 cell, single charger/USB cable. I had trouble fitting the lengthy cell in my regular charger, maybe that is why they include a charger with it. I’m waiting on a discount code from her for those interested. I will post that when I receive it. It sells presently on Amazon in kit form for $32.

edit: here is the code for 20% off: CKT4E7ZM

Here are some pictures:

… curious about other owner’s impressions of their Sofirn lights?

thanks Tracy! thanks Sofirn!

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