WUBEN New Product Release: T102pro 3500 Lumens Flashlight

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WUBEN New Product Release: T102pro 3500 Lumens Flashlight


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Tripod mount on the tail cap?

This might work with a small light but this heavy long light would be only good pointing upwards or you have one that can support a big old TV camera

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Seems like a nice light. Great that USB-C gets to flashlights now too. What price are you targeting ?

But i follow Lexels opinion: The tripod mount would make far more sense on the opposite side of the switch.

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That’s got a cool manly look to it. Nice case too!

Is the reflector orange peel or smooth? On some images it looks photoshopped and smooth but on some it’s an OP.

edit: too bad, according to the manual it’s THML mode order (at least there’s mode memory) without direct access to low or turbo from off. Hope the double click for strobe is not too easy to access inadvertently when cycling modes.

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Very interested. Please make this available through Banggood and I will purchase one