Defiant Stocking Stuffers on sale at Home Depot

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Defiant Stocking Stuffers on sale at Home Depot

Less than $10 Defiant stocking Stuffers at Home Depot.

I do not know if they are good products or not, but should good gift ideas.

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All the good ones (imo) were sold out at my nearest HD today. Crying

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And get these to use as the stockings!

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Gj wrote:
All the good ones (imo) were sold out at my nearest HD today. Crying

website says none available within 100 miles from me and there are MANY stores in my metro Angry

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Plenty of these in stock within 3 miles and probably 75 within 11 miles.

The listing is a bit confusing. The header says 80 Lumen headlight (3 pack) but the information just below it says 50 lumens.

I went online using eBay and Chinese sellers in early November and ordered a bunch of LED lights as stocking stuffers. They have begun to trickle in and I am really impressed by two of them. The neatest is a COB keychain that was $1.27 postpaid (Mini Portable 3Mode Pocket COB Worklight Light LED Flashlight Torch Keychain) Takes 3 AAA batteries and is probably 100 lumens on the high setting. The other was this flashlight with side COB for $1.59 postpaid (Multifunction Portable COB Lamp Work Light Lamp Flashlight Torch W/Magnetic ) I liked the keychain enough to order four more for later gifting but doubt they will be here by Christmas.