PFlexPRO Holiday Flashlight Give-A-Way

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Congrats to Coscar and thanks to Pflex for doing this.

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Congrats to the winner, thanks pflexpro! great giveaway!

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Congrats!! Coscar/ you lucky devil Innocent

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Congrats Coscar!
Thanks for the opportunity PFP. If it hasn’t already been said… Have a Great Holiday.

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I just got here……… I cant believe it. Not usually very lucky. I really cant believe it.
I wasnt ready for this…. now the ‘hard’ part. Choosing the light. Thanks Randy for a great and generous GAW

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Congrat to Coscar.

Thanks to PFlex for the holiday fun (and for the nice products.)

Happy Holiday to All!

Move towards the light.

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Congrats Coscar! Thanks again to PFlexPro for the giveaway!

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Congrats Coscar!
Thanks for the opportunity PFP. Beer

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There were two winners of the Holiday Give-a-Way… here’s why:
I had announced that post #225 (Coscar) was the winner. He contacted me the following day and said that his post was #222 and the actual winner should be Smittymojo (post #225).
Since it appeared that I had made a mistake, I decided to have 2 winners… both Smittymojo and Coscar (props to Coscar for integrity).

Here’s what I think actually happened: 3 posts were deleted and the post numbers are dynamic – sometime between the winner announcement and the following day, all posts were automatically renumbered. That’s good for me because it means I’m not going crazy (yet)!

Keep in mind if you do a give-a-way or send someone to read a particular post number in a thread, that post number may change… I never knew!

So, anyway… congrats to both winners. Smittymojo should already have his – Coscar is still deciding.

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It is you that deserves Cudos. The post# change was not your doing or fault and no one would fault you if you had simply provided an explanation of what happened, but instead you chose to gaw 2 lights so there could be no doubt……… Thanks again for the generous GAW….. so many fantastic choices!!
If you havent checked out Randy’s site yet……. you should. PflexPro

Im not a Pessimist …. just an Optimist with a lot of experience

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I received my light from Randy at PflexPro on Saturday, Dec. 16, so only 3 days shipping time.
I opted for the PFlexPRO Convoy M1, with the XPL-HI V3-3B 5200k emitter, orange peel reflector,AR coated lens and bypassed switch spring.
The light is fully potted with LOCTITE STYCAST 2850FT, from what I’ve read this will help with heat dissipation and make the light virtually shock proof.

I asked Randy to program the light with a 5 minute step down and he even included a run time graph showing lumen output which ran at 1174 for the entire 5 minutes.
Overall the light is very nice and I can’t thank Randy enough for his generosity on this GAW!

In keeping with the spirit of the Give a way, I have a new Zanflare F1 and 30Q battery that is soon to belong to a favorite nephew!

Thanks again Randy and Merry Christmas to all!