Quality 2xAA Flashlight only $9.79!

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Quality 2xAA Flashlight only $9.79!

Hi all,
If you know of any comparable lights (2x AA Budget) please let us know so we can buy them too Smile

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weird since my SF13 is got a ringy beam profile Question
i already try to adjust the reflector but it still got the same problem

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Looked at the comment, and before I saw the vid, I was going to suggest the SF13 and/or F2. Big Smile

I got a pair of Quark 2AA-Xes, when I saw they were being discontinued way back when. Love the “turbo collar”, but hate the blinkies. And the green. Oh, how I hate the green…

Think I paid 78bux(!) for each 2AA-X. And another 20bux for the shorty tube. Think that’s why I have a natural aversion to AA lights now. Flat Stare

‘Though I’m getting to really like the Sofirn AAs (eg, the SP10B). Good output, good beam, lightweight, no blinkies (that I know of). And the Thorfire TK4A for 15bux was a steal. The twin Sofirn SF11 should be similar. Big Smile

I gotta burn through 2 huge 40-packs of enercells (Rat Shack alkies, ancient, but not a single leaker!), so might as well burn through 4 at a time with the ’4A. Big Smile

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Zanflare F2 also recommended choice for the price and quality, it’s around $12 during promo some time ago.
The only caveat is the blinkies that can’t be hidden.