Review: Manker U12 (EDC, 20700, Rechargeable, XHP50 II)

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10VID wrote:
New adventure here with the light, the switch started acting erratically, I would barely touch it (not pressing it) and it would change a bunch of modes at once. What happened is that this is not a solid state microswitch, it’s rather a curved steel membrane held in place with a sticky piece of nylon film. Facepalm The film was barely a half mm larger than the membrane, no wonder the membrane came off.

Fortunately, the fix was easy. Just put the membrane onto a piece of transparent scotch tape and cut to a much larger size than initially. I even covered the LEDs and some resistors with it, just to be sure of a better grip. I don’t see this ever coming off again.


my U11 did that too
the scotch tape fix lasted about a week
then that fell off somewhere and the little steel thing was lost forever

switch unreplaceable
driver glued in


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