Imalent DX80 Gen2 - QC Issues?

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I took your advice and paid the $120 for a replacement head after emailing with Shellen at IMALENT.
Got here in 3 days! And, BINGO! The DX80 is workibg again!
Thanks for the advice @klrman! Thumbs Up
(By the way – was the defective head an DX80 MK1 issue that was solved after I had purchased mine? I have seen that others had this issue as well)
Thanks again!

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Glad you got it C.C.  As far as defective head, someone may know more, but from my understanding it is affecting newer and older versions but more so the older versions if I remember well.  I still feel Imalent should have sent everyone a head free of charge as they know there were a lot of faulty ones, but looks like that is not their policy.

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Not good, hope the manufacturer will improve

Flashaholic from China