The new Jaxman E3 flashlight comes in the new year

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Lightbringer wrote:
Anything in 2.xV, immediately cut off. Too high for alkaleak/Ni, and way way too low for Li.

Using a 2*1/2 AA NiCd is well within the realm of possibility. SillySilly

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Lightbringer wrote:
MascaratumB wrote:
May I ask you: what will be the diameter of the driver? 15mm, 17mm?

Probably 14mm. 15mm is already wider than the cell, and you still need a wall+ledge to hold it.

Lightbringer wrote:
jaxman wrote:
hi the driver PCB size is 17mm, and no glued, becase this model need not fixed the MCPCB.

For an AA light? Wow, I’m impressed! Big Smile

Unless you have a TARDIS battery-tube. Evil

There was the answer Big Smile
With a 17mm driver…it will be nice for some mods Evil

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MascaratumB wrote:
There was the answer Big Smile

With a 17mm driver…it will be nice for some mods Evil

Yeh, I’m (pleasantly) surprised! Must be a nice thick-walled design.

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