Still burning after 35 years

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I definitely had a bad run of GE bulbs. The Feit ones I’ve been using have all been great so far.

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I had such a bad run with GE in general that I refuse to look at any product they have for sale.

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Some time ago, it was possible to order online (earlier they were on store shelves…) Incan bulbs, that were 8,000h-12,000h rated.

I would assume that an 8,000h rated bulb would do pretty long as a night stand lamp, maybe not 35 years but pretty long anyway.

(They have a little worse lm/W ratio than normal incans and a bit more reddish tint. )

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zespectre wrote:
Oh DO NOT even get me started about the electric bills (LOL).

But my primary start to an LED shift was the “Ladder” lights in the house, in other words the 7 bulbs that require a ladder to change.

Not just the giant hassle of getting the ladder out, but there is always the chance of taking a spill

I point to others in this group to justify how many flashlights I have.

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On the OP’s bulb, the touch lamp dimmer is why the bulb lasted so long. First, they always start from the lowest setting onwards, so you effectively have a soft-start for the bulb. Also, IIRC, those dimmers never run at full 100%, so the filaments never get overheated.

I still have 18 year old Panasonic CFLs in my bathroom (the covered sphere bulbs). These days they start off quite dim and take awhile to ramp up to full brightness, but I find that absolutely perfect for turning them on at night or first thing in the morning. I would replace them, but the energy difference between the CFLs and LEDs isn’t that great and at this point I’ve become attached to them. To get the same function out of LEDs, I’d have to install a programmable wall dimmer and use dimmable LEDs.

I also have an odd incandescent fixture/bulb that’s still going. It’s an aircraft warning light, like you’d find on top of a building. And that’s exactly where it came from. As in, it was delivered to my back yard, still attached to a decent size of roof, by a hurricane. The roof segment was from a mid-rise condo about 1/2 mile away. I was quite amused by this and took a hack-saw to the conduit and was able to extract the fixture from the roof remnant. The red glass globe and incandescent bulb was still intact, so I had to see if it’d still light. Sure enough, it worked. And still works. I’ve used it countless times to illuminate things backstage and it’s quite a conversation starter.

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it is easy to make a long lasting light, if you make it very inefficient, a reddish orange color is a giveaway that this is happening

the ’100 year edison bulb’ is like this, very dim orange


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The first thing I though of when I read the title of this thread was the tire fire on “The Simpsons”.

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09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

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I still have some Phillips CFLs from the early days when they cost $30-ish apiece.

It’s amazing to me how fast the world has changed.

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Centralia and Willie Nelson were the things brought to mind by the title.

Had a VW Rabbit blow out the strut tower late one night coming through Centralia from a sink hole in the pavement caused by the mine fire. PA DOT used to just keep the repaving equipment on site because it had to be used so often.
Shortly after the incident with the VW, the state finally cut off access to that part of the road and permanently detoured traffic.

Always thought they should build a waste incinerator in Centralia, it’s already a toxic waste area and the few mutants who refuse to leave could work at the plant.
Double Win!

Or at least film a Zombie movie there. The smoke coming out of the Graveyard at the top of the hill at night is creepy as sheet, so the studio could save lot of money on not having to use effects.

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I think real life Centralia is the basis for the fictional Silent Hill franchise.

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35 years Wow,think with dimmer would still last a long time.
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doubleone44 wrote:
I thought there was at least ome research that showed that the inefficiency of incandescent lights did not actually matter, as the heat produced made it so less energy was needed for heating

Which is ok, sometimes in the winter. Not so much in 100°F summer weather.

There is a light fixture above the vanity in our master bathroom that had 6× 60 watt incandescent bulbs in it when we bought this house. My wife and I both hated the 360 watt space heater in the summer. It’s been 24 watts of LED for years, and we’re much happier about that.

I have had mixed results with the longevity of LED bulbs. In our previous house, the west-facing porch light would get rattled around by the winter wind and need replacing every 2-4 of weeks Jan-Mar. A CFL worked much better there. I hadn’t heard of LED bulbs at that time.

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Lightbringer wrote:
Every now and again, my grandmother’s ’50s-era fridge would start “fading”, ie, not keeping things as cool as usual. Lightly sanding the prongs on the power plug, and a few ins’n‘outs in the outlet, would scrape off the oxidation and get it working again just fine.

From so long ago, it’s likely some oxidation grew on the connection, too, causing some extra resistance, dropping some voltage, and making that bulb act like a “long-life” bulb (eg, 130V-rated bulb used on 120V).

I use a light spray of WD 40 on the prongs of plugs .