Outrageous flashlight Advertisements

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Outrageous flashlight Advertisements

I haven’t seen a thread like this here, and on a whim, I did a search for “flashlight” on one of my favorite online retailers’ site (newegg.com), and this one made me snort right out loud:

Now, it does have 3 Cree XM-L T6 emitters, so that’s only 16,000 lumens/emitter. That seems reasonable, right?

Actually, for $35 it might be a good host for modding.

Seen any flashlight ads that made you laugh (or want to smack somebody upside the head) lately?

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I’ve seen one that runs on AA, pumping out 6000 lumens. Too bad I don’t have $3 to spend.

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Bah! I can get 50000 lumen for $4.19 shipped.
It only needs one 18650 as well:

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