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Hell from TobeC

Hi everyone! I am Jason, a guy living by the sea and carry flashlights. I started my carry 2 years ago and have been wondering online for more info for a while. I found there are many flashlights on Amazon now with really low prices (many are even under 10 dollars) but marked with high lumens. Are they reliable? Question

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Hello Jason .
Welcome to the forum .
Please hang around and research for a while before you make any purchasing decisions .

Have fun !

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Convoy lights are a high quality budget light for <$25—M1, M2, C8, S2+, so Google them.


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Hey Jason I second the motion Chris Garrett has it right, Convoy is a good budget light I have several. You can also pick up some Lumintop or Thorfire at good prices with good output and reliability. Research is the key and this is the place to do it.

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I hope you have fun here, TobeC!


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Welcome to BLF Jason.
Be sure to post links and ask Q’s before buying
Not many quality sub $10 lights on Amazon.

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Welome to BLF TobeC! I would be leery of buying flashlights on Amazon, unless they are from manufactures you trust. For example, the last ZebraLight I bought was on Amazon, but it was actually through ZebraLight.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.