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What to get next

In the last month, I have spent way too much time learning about the flashlights Smile
I got two Convoy S2+ and an Astrolux S1 and like them a lot. I like the size, interface and output.

1) Looking for a light with less spread and more narrow beam. Definitely want much longer beam range than S1. Is that doable with S1 form factor?

2) If I was to go beyond S1 form factor, I don’t mind larger diameter at the head but want to keep the same length and body diameter. Any recommendations here?

3) Any recommendations for smaller flashlights, say, for keychains?


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Take a look at the compact throwers from Emisar. I don’t own one but there are reviews on here.

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Definitely want much longer beam range than S1. Is that doable with S1 form factor?

Not really. Throw is directly related to reflector diameter. A different led will help, but a larger reflector is the best way to get more throw.


I don’t mind larger diameter at the head but want to keep the same length and body diameter.
Listed smaller to larger, how far they reach follows the same general list……..
Convoy M2
Convoy M1
Astrolux S2 – also same host as BLF X6, or Eagle Eyes X6 (EE X6) sometimes with variations of internals
Convoy C8, or one of the many other C8 lights, also available in many configurations of LED/driver.
or Astrolux A6driver/xp-l hi version

……..good little thread about the above lights w/pictures of all 4 styles………

Things to consider…….

Are you building/moding, or buying “stock” as purchased light ?

+- – If you are going with a stock light, +

-xp-l hi is about the best stock led for throw in any of these. The Astrolux will probably be your best bet there.

-Power level, the Convoys I linked are all running 2.8A. Not bad, and can run for a good bit on high before getting super hot.
If you want max brightness for short bursts (more power = more heat), a fet driver is the way to go. Again, the Astrolux have them.

-modes, simple or complex user interface? All about personal preference here.

– - If you can/dont mind soldering 2 wires on the led “star”, buy any of the lights above as host, then add…

one of these…
- xp-l hi is a good general purpose, off the shelf “throw” led.
- de-domed xp-g2 (MTN has these, just check the de-dome option) is still the best 3V (single battery) thrower led IMHO. It does lag behind the xp-l hi in overall lumens though, and requires higher forward voltage.
or if you are going to run a fet, and just want short bursts…
-SST 40 or Luxeon V. On a fet driver, they can hit over 2000 lumens pretty easy. +Not as throwy as the above 2, but might make up for it with pure power.

And a driver, all are 17mm I believe, and choices are many

-fet drivers are for max power, short run “bursts” These will put out the most lumens, and throw, but you will not be able to run them on max for more than a minute or 2 before they are melting your hand.

3A regulated drivers are also plentiful. Good output, and any of the above hosts should be able to handle running at this power level for a good length of time.

Then there are the hybrids, w/regulation up to a certain point, and FET for “turbo” modes.

like TA drivers from Lexel here on BLF (Have a couple, w/more on the way including my first 1S version)

or H17F from MTN (my personal favorite single cell driver for now due to the UI. Options for EVERYTHING)

A lot to consider.
Any questions, just ask. We are a helpful bunch around here.

Had to add……….
As mentioned, the Emisar D1 is a good light from what I have seen here.
Still a new one to me, I keep forgetting about it.

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In the C8 form factor, Sofirn also deserves a look. The C8A (which I have) puts out a lot of light with a useful mix of spill and throw, the C9T, with and XP-L HI doesn’t put out as much light, but what it does put out looks much more concentrated for throw. The C8F triple makes lots and lots of light.

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This is my Emisar D1S. It is just a tad longer than an S1. I have quite average sized hands.

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1) Looking for a light with less spread and more narrow beam. Definitely want much longer beam range than S1. Is that doable with S1 form factor?

You could try a TIR optic in a Convoy S2+. They are available in a variety of beam angles to fit the S2+. I haven’t tried them myself but Lightbringer has had experience with them and seems to recommend them, maybe PM him to chip into this thread if you are interested?

The Convoy C8 is great as a thrower, I can certainly recommend that but the head size is maybe more than you want.

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