Hi from Wales (UK)

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Hi from Wales (UK)

Good morning all,

I stumbled upon this forum yesterday whilst researching the confusing button functions on my Nitecore EA4. I found an excellent guide on here, and ended-up having a mooch around.

I’m a bit of a gadget hound (so I guess I’m in the right place), and my head torches and flashlights are integral to that.

I’m a very bass keen fisherman (the saltwater kind), chasing European Seabass most of the year, and spending a couple of weeks of Spring in Massachusetts each year chasing Striped bass. Much of my fishing is at night, so headlights and flashlights are integral to that. On a typical fishing session I carry …

Petzl Tikka Headlight (the red mode is important to me), + spare. The key here is ‘lack’ of brightness.
Nitecore SRT5 Detective. Great for using when I’m walking the coast into an area, with the variable beam being perfect for a combination of stealth and vision.
2 x Princeton Amp 1L, customised with neck lanyard, and one with a (red sharpie) red lens.

Then there’s the Photon Freedom on my keychain, etc …

I ordered a couple more lights yesterday, so will see how I get on with those.

Anyway, good to find like-minded people, and thanks for letting me in.

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Thanks for joining the party, Lewisman!

(My Welsh Corgi says hi.)


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Welcome To BLF mate!

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Hey how are you doing man? Welcome to BLF! Party

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Welcome / Croeso from an American living in North Wales.

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Welcome Lewisman, I hope that you will save money here and will only find flashlights on BLF that are actually useful in real life. Evil

(a Lewisman from Wales?)

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Welcome fellow fisherman Thumbs Up

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Hi and welcome to the nut house Lewisman.

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Hello mate,
Nice introduction. I have an EA4 it’s a nice torch although I never use it. I just keep it as a back because it runs on AA batteries.

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Welcome, you came to the right place

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Welcome .

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Welcome Lewisman Big Smile

Doug S.

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Welcome to BLF

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Welcome to BLF Lewisman! The Nitecore EA4 was my first nice flashlight. I eventually gave it to my dad, but unfortunately he put in alkaline batteries and they leaked and destroyed the EA4. My next gift to him was a set of eneloop AA batteries!

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