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Angler wrote:
SB and a vast majority of the members are happy with this forum and the way it works.
We have heard about how it is not laidd out right for you, is inconvenient to use, you’re not even into flashlights, is lacking content pertaining to your interest, emails are not suited to your preference, and I’m sure there is more.

While you may be trying to innovate and help this forum, it comes off as complaining.
Referencing how that other forum works does not improve your position.

My suggestion, take it for what it is. There is an amazing community here.
Folks that truly love the hobby and sharing information to help others. Folks that get excited about great deals on flashlights. And despite your observation that “flashlight” is not in the name of the forum, it IS directly under it. “…where Frugal meets with Flashlight!”

Naturally, everyone using this forum either likes or tolerates it, at its present form.

Duh, it could be no other way, else you would be somewhere else.

It is the people that do not visit often (like me), the untapped majority. Every post or visit by a non seller in a competitor forum, should be a testament that something is wrong here.

Why, you ask; because, it is the over moderation and lack of introspection that is the problem in the other main forum. I am pointing out to those blinded by familiar settings, what is wrong here and can be worked on.


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degarb wrote:
Every post or visit by a non seller in a competitor forum, should be a testament that something is wrong here.

Who told you there was a competition?

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mapache wrote:
^ the layout looks good on my phone Big Smile

I do 90% of my BLFing on phone and everything looks good.

I am a newer member that saw the GT On YouTube, visited adventure sports came here and look on here almost daily.
I can’t start to name people, the daily useful information and helpfulness is amazing. I have been on the other sight a couple of times because I googled something that I read about here but, I really enjoy clicking on recent topics daily.
Deep down I am a “gun“person but this year I have bought 8 flashlights for personal use, ordered several lights for friends and gifted several.
I got hooked in October, I am happy with everything on this sight. Thank you guys that run and post on BLF. Just my two cents.

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I like the BLF layout.

It’s clear, uncluttered and works nicely on both my desktop computer and my tablet. It also plays nicely with my accessibility settings (I’m legally blind) unlike CPF, which I ended up having to write custom user CSS code for after one particularly irritating server update.

Strangely enough, I spend a lot more time on BLF than CPF nowadays, even though CPF is the place where I started out in flashlights.

Thank you, SB Thumbs Up

Mike C
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degarb wrote:
It is the people that do not visit often (like me), the untapped majority.

But you can’t speak for the untapped majority. You can only speak for yourself.
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degarb wrote:
what is wrong here and can be worked on.

Wrong here? Apart from lack of lumens or not enough throw (depending on your own personal preference). Nothing, and both those problems can be ‘worked’ by talking to the right modders.

This is one of the best and friendliest forums I visit, I have been a lurker here and at CPF long before joining both and did the same on various other forums. Doesn’t matter how many sub-forums and ‘cats’ there are, a well worded search or 2 can find plenty of interesting threads on what you are looking for. Keep it simple and applicable to the majority, too many things get spoiled to pacify the minority.

If you can’t find what you want on here then try the rest of the internet, it’s a big world wide web out there.