Lumintop EDC 05

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Lumintop EDC 05

I was able to try out and review the Lumintop EDC 05 and it is a well made AA/14500 flashlight. I did a side by side comparison with my BLF-A6 and running 14500 on high it is about as bright as my BLF-A6 on the level 5 or 6 running efest purple in the EDC05 and samsung 30Q in the BLF A6. I tested it in a field with a building about 400 feet away (using google maps for size) and it had no problem lighting up the side of the building. The magnet in the tailcap isn’t that strong but it works to hold it. The UI took a little getting used to since I am used to tail click lights.

Hold click=memory on
Hold click=off
1 click=moon
2 clicks=low
3 clicks=medium
4 clicks=high

2 fast=strobe
2 fast and a normal=SOS
2 fast and 2 normal=becon

Pros-Bright, reversible clip, quality light, compact
Cons-tail magnet could be stronger

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