Thorfire TG06S

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Thorfire TG06S

I was able to try out and review the Thorfire TG06S and it is a well made AA/14500 flashlight. I did a side by side comparison with my BLF-A6 and running 14500 on high it is about as bright as my BLF-A6 on the level 5 or 6 running efest purple in the Thorfire TG06S and samsung 30Q in the BLF A6. I tested it in a field with a building about 400 feet away (using google maps for size) and it had no problem lighting up the side of the building.

Pros-Bright, small, good price, well made, reversible clip

Cons-Tail click is a little long

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The TG06 is a great little light. I have purchased quite a few over the past couple of years. Thorfire keeps improving on it, and they have almost got it down. Personally, I think if it had memory, it would be the perfect pocket light. It’s not really an issue with me. I don’t turn my light on to go pee, I turn it on to see, but memory would make it undeniable. Just my 2c