Mecarmy New Releasing: Irregular USB Rechargeable Flashlight (FL02)

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Mecarmy New Releasing: Irregular USB Rechargeable Flashlight (FL02)

Mecarmy’s first Irregular flashlight, whole body is made by Titanium, same to most of Mecarmy flashlights, it is micro USB rechargeable as well. Compact design but it is a multi-modes and bright light, max 360 lumens, respective modes are Turbo, High, Med, Low, Stobe. Considering it also can be your good choice as a keychain decoration. We make it many optional patterns, let’s know more…

Primary features:

-Patented irregular keychain flashlight,
-Made of TC4 titanium, lightweight, portable, corrosion resistant with high hardness
-Utilizes CREE XP-G2 S4 LED, max output 360 lumens
-Max runtime of 8 hours
-Max beam distance of 64 meters
-Standard Micro USB charging port with charging indicator
-Four lighting modes and Strobe function
-Unique titanium switch prevents accidental activation
-Triple clicks to access Turbo mode, click again for Strobe
-Powered by 120mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery
-Overheat protection
-Anti-scratch double coated lens
-Smooth reflector
-Titanium protector for light head and core components
-CNC precision machining
-Multi colors available using different surface treatment
-IPX5 waterproof


-Length: 67.15mm / 2.644’’
-Width: 20.4mm / 0.803’’
-Thickness: 12mm / 0.472’’
Main products are Mini USB rechargeable flashlights,Tactical light, EDC knives, Tactical gear

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That could have been so much more. Sad

I hope it evolves.

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120 mAh battery???

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They look great Love

raccoon city
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Looks like a knife handles...  :-)

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great design, nice to see something a bit non-traditional with some unique outside the box thinking. will you possibly be making a high CRI version, or a maybe Neutral White version ?

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When I first read “Irregular” I was thinking second grade quality or with defects in the finish… Maybe a more appropriate name would be “Asymmetric”

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Not my taste, I’m particularly fond of symmetry, but nice different from the crowd! Smile

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it need blade add on

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zelee wrote:
it need blade add on

Yeah, put a knife blade on the opposite side of the action button. Would be cool and make it more symmetrical not to mention handy! Smile

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It looks expensive. I see six operations if it’s done on a 3 axis mill, although four of those operations could be combined on a 4-axis machine, and that’s just for the main body. The inside corners are surprisingly sharp, which makes me think they’re starting with castings, especially since the area in front of the switch doesn’t appear to be blended symmetrically. I still see the same number of operations though, so those corners just make it more expensive. This light doesn’t do it for me, but I like seeing something different being attempted. If they keep playing with this concept, maybe they’ll come up with something I can’t resist.

The low mode should be lower.

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I almost like this design, but not 100% on it.

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I bought an SGN3, loved everything about it but the PWM made it unusable.
For the record: I don’t mind PWM when it’s fast enough that I can’t see it, but the SGN3 was rough on the low levels.
This looks like an interesting keychain light, doesn’t need a giant battery if you’ll just use it occasionally.
Please consider using higher PWM frequency on this attractive light and an emitter that is worthy of the effort that will go into making this.