Greetings from Scotland

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Greetings from Scotland

Hello folks,

I’m Andy. I’m 34 and hail from Fife on the East coast of bonny, rainy Scotland.

I’m a joiner to trade and employ 10 joiners in a contracting firm. We build one off houses, do refurbishments and renovations, general joinery work and maintenance for a local university.

I got into flashlights because of my work. Surveying old properties with no power, crawling around in undercrofts and commando crawling through pitch black attics and lofts was the driver! First light was a surefire 6P but later got interested in Sunwayman, Klarus, Armytek and others as more bang for the buck was to be found!

I dipped into the mid-tech too with Prometheus, McGizmo, Overready/Torchlab but having kids has made me look at my priorities!

I’m into a lot of the EDC scene but I’m not really an active participant, more of an active user with more than a passing interest.

I found BLF because, frankly, I was sick and tired of snobby, elitist internet idiots on other flashlight fora. BLF seems a lot more down to earth.

I look forward to learning more and engaging with the community here.

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Welcome to the Looney bin Andrew! Cool Get ready to empty your wallet and fill your house with flashlights!

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 I 'm Adrian  and I'm 60...( this number gives me chills on my back...!) . Welcome in the land of milk and honey !

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Not too far from me, just over the water. Always nice to see another mad scot here LOLThumbs Up

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I stayed in Dundee for some time, on the other side of the Tay, but that was 25 years ago. A nice area Smile

Welcome to BLF, you will find some great flashlights here, not just for showing off (nothing wrong with that Big Smile ) but also ready for some hard use.

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It's nice to see you, andrewgcook!


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Hi Andy – I’m just south of the border from you – but don’t hold that against me.

You’re totally correct about the residents here being down to earth – it’s one of the main attractions for me.


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Hi Andy, and welcome to BLF! Party

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Welcome to BLF andrewgcook! I’d love to visit Scotland some day.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Hi and just be ready with your Paypal and you’ll be fine….

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CRX wrote:
Not too far from me, just over the water. Always nice to see another mad scot here LOLThumbs Up

And in between, since 1889: Scotland’s greatest man-made wonder.

BTW: welcome to BLF, home of other man-made wonders.

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Hi and welcome andrewgcook.

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Hi, Andy, and welcome to BLF from still another Scot!

I’m sure you’ll find the people here as friendly and helpful as I have Smile

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G0OSE wrote:
Welcome to the Looney bin Andrew! Cool Get ready to empty your wallet and fill your house with flashlights!

Yeah, welcome Thumbs Up

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Welcome to BLF where the sun never sets! Thumbs Up

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Welcome Andrew. I’m in the central belt. Aye, this place isnae budget!

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Hi Andy and welcome to BLF.

I grew up in a Scottish household here in sunny California. My grandparents were both from Glasgow and made sure I ate my share of porridge. Attached is a photo I took on my last trip to Edinburg. You will have a lot of fun here … good folk.

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Hi Andy. I also am new and live over the Forth from you.

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I can honestly say I’ve never had a warmer welcome to any forum. Blushing


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Welcome!! Well said, thats why i like BLF