Zanflare F1 discount codes anyone?

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Zanflare F1 discount codes anyone?

Anybody have a Zanflare F1 discount code?

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The only discount codes I’ve seen are for prices about $20 or more; nothing too interesting. I’ve read that Zanflare is chilling a bit on low discount prices, my guess is to avoid devaluation of the brand. Maybe they will do prices around $13 again when it’s singles day, Christmas, or some Chinese holiday…

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Just send a message to Banggood, Gearbest and others to get a discount code.  

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Caution you that current (2+ months ago) batch may be factory rejects:

You may ask in Gearbest Official Deals:

And there are several Gearbest discount threads.

(Current Gearbest shipping time is 2+ months.)