Hello from QuiqLite Inc.

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Hello from QuiqLite Inc.

Hi All,

Just wanted to say hello from the manufacturers of QuiqLite. We are now a member of Budget Light Forum. We manufacture the worlds only hands free concealed USB rechargeable LED light source for a uniform shirt pocket or tactical vest. Please visit our website for more information on our products at: WWW.QUIQLITE.COM

I look forward to your replies.


Brian J. Quittner
QuiqLite Inc
President / Founder

Brian J. Quittner

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Welcome to BLF! Looking forward to getting to know your products in the future.
I like the new approach you have, something light and easy for the shirt pocket!

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Welcome! I must admit, that’s a pretty cool product that I’d never have thought of.

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Welcome to BLF Brian.

That is a handy little light, but also a light that has quite a stiff competition with all those little handy lights around (Nitecore alone already makes some handy models, and there’s many more brands) that are all a step up from the big maglite when writing tickets. Smile

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You should move your post here:
More info:

Light looks interesting and I like it Smile

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Make yourself at home, QUIQLITE!


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what battery does the med take?
hopefully not coin cells.